The final week

In the U.S. we’ve just had the President’s Day holiday which meant two whole days without the mail running. That should have given you a chance to catch up or even get ahead on your mail. At this point, you should have sent out seventeen missives.

I found that,even though I knew the mail would not run yesterday, or the day before, that I wanted to write some letters anyway. Having the moment in my day when I sit down and focus on only one thing, is soothing. Having that point of focus be someone else, seems to help get me out of my own head and make a little space of clarity, even if I am sending only a postcard.

So how is it going for you as we enter the final week of Month of Letters Challenge?


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7 thoughts on “The final week”

  1. I’m not sure how many letters I’ve sent. I’ve quite enjoyed receiving letters and am trying out some new things as well. Stamps and waters colors, I found my seal and wax too. It’s so fun!!! I hope everyone is having as good a time with this as I have 😀

  2. Hooray! 🙂 I’ve managed more than 24 letters already, in spite of starting late! If I do this again I would concentrate on people I don’t usually write to or extra messages, rather than the routine replies – as that would have more impact. I managed just a few of those this time. Actually, so far, nobody I know, in person or letters, has heard of this challenge!! 🙁 (Well, they have now of course!)

    Elizabeth in UK

  3. Last week was the hardest, but over the weekend I got re-inspired. Now I feel like I’m going to run out of month….which just means that I’ll continue sending things beyond February.

    One of the nicest things has been sending things to people who weren’t aware of the project and getting back in touch with old friends.

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