The Month of Letters Poster

Participant Anne Gray went into her local post office and mentioned our challenge. Not only were they tickled by it, they asked if there was a flyer they could post. Anne made one, which she is now offering to you.

You can use it to spread the word at your local post office, coffee shop, or stationery store.

Click here to download the Month of Letters Poster as a pdf.

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2 thoughts on “The Month of Letters Poster”

  1. I just saw this post today, after MoL was over; I know our PO would have been happy to have one on display. If we have a poster out, and maybe little postcards to leave around here and there (convention freebie tables, perhaps?) well in advance of the project next year, just think how many more people might participate. As soon as the 2013 logo is ready, we’ll run with it!

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