Sprucing up the site for the 2013 Month of Letters Challenge

November 24, 2012 in Journal

Last year, I did not expect the enthusiasm we got with the inaugural Month of Letters Challenge. I put the site together in a blinding hurry and it got us though the first challenge. For 2013, I want to have a more robust site for you to play with. So… that means I’m working on getting upgraded Forums and making the site more robust in general. For the moment, that means the forums are offline.

If you are new, you can still register and so you can be ready for the 2013 challenge.

4 responses to Sprucing up the site for the 2013 Month of Letters Challenge

  1. Just a quick question….. if we were part of the Challenge last year, do we need to register again this year? Or do you have something in mind ….


    • In theory, I’ll be able to migrate existing users.You may have to log in to show up on the member list though.

      The real question is if I’ll be able to save the posts from last year.

  2. I managed to sign in with my old username, yay! I’m having an extremely busy January, it’ll be so much fun to slow down again in February. I owe so many people letters, it’ll be a fun filled month this second time around 🙂

    Thank you for doing this again this year!

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