About the site troubles today

This morning the website went down due to high traffic. We’ve been working to get it back online but that involved moving to a new webhost. As a result things are a little wonky today. Actually, they are a lot wonky. You may notice difficulty in logging in and that pictures are missing. This is just temporary and we hope to be restored to running smoothly by tomorrow.

But… it takes time to move everything over and reinstall things.

In the meantime, if you can’t log in, just keep track of what you sent and tomorrow fill out the “What have you mailed” form twice to make up for missing today. I’ll do a follow-up post when everything is all nice and stable. You guys, just go write some letters.

7 thoughts on “About the site troubles today”

      1. You and Stephanie seem to have done a great job: please convey my/our thanks to her: I was able to log in without problems, and the site seems OK again. Yay!!

  1. I am here on this 7th day of February 2013 and by the end of this evening I will then top the 20 mark on the number of letters written so far in February 2013! 20 letters by the end of this evening. Stay safe everybody!

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