Day 27: Favorites and Bests

We’re one day away from the last day of mail in February and thus one day away from the end of the Month of Letters. Before we tally the final letters and achievement scores, I’m interested in hearing about your Bests and Favorites from the month.

For instance, which of the letters you received delighted you most? Is there a particular letter you’re most happy or proud to have sent? During the challenge did you discover a new favorite writing tool, stationery store, or method of mailing? What part of the challenge surprised you most?

I’m also curious as to what you all plan to accomplish in these last two days. I’m still answering the aforementioned mountain of letters, though there are a few other people I intend to write to before Friday. How about you?

16 thoughts on “Day 27: Favorites and Bests”

  1. My delight has really just been having real mail in my mailbox regularly- not junk mail, fliers for the local restaurants/churches, or bills. I see the mailman coming to the door every day and I am just exceedingly happy to check my mail!
    Getting mail from international sources has been really amazing as well. I feel like I’ve gained some great penpals, and can’t wait to continue writing through the rest of this year! And unlocking the achievements was a blast- it really kept me focused on making sure I wrote every day.

    Its been incredible to be a part of all of it! Thanks Mary for coming up with this brilliant idea and starting a fabulous phenomenon! 🙂

  2. Without a doubt the most delightful letter I received was from a fellow participant that I’ve never met. It was more than just a letter it was an experience. And it was a challenge to respond to it. I sent my Jane Austen letter out today. I was going to attempt to actually write the letter in Austen’s “style’ but I abandoned that idea for now, though I might play with it later on. I’ve been working on the letter that I plan to send out tomorrow, to a man who taught a workshop I attended a couple of summers ago. It’s a long one, so I typed it. During our workshop we helped to build a house using cob (a mix of dirt, clay, water and straw), and my letter talks about land that I bought and plans that I have for my own house (straw bale, not cob). I hope to enclose a copy of my design, but I have to work on that tonight…

  3. I couldn’t pick one favourite letter. It felt really good to receive all of them. Everybody wrote some kind words and they always made my day.
    I just hope they felt the same receiving my letters.
    Of course the best thing was when the birthday package I’ve sent to my friend in Italy arrived. She did not expect it and she was very happy. 🙂
    Thank you Mary, for this whole idea. You are amazing.

  4. For me the surprise of a unexpected letter was great, I was so focused on the letters I was writing to everyone on my friends list that I forgot other people were sending me a first letter as well.

    For Valentine’s Day in addition to my regular letter writing I randomly picked people to send Valentines to. I cherish all of the mail I have been getting, each one sharing snippets of the letter writers life. One letter did stand out most is the letter from Mea Clift, the paper she wrote her letter on captivated me almost as much as her words.
    I have 3 events coming up in the spring and I have been send invitations out in batches to allow me time to also write letters. I have come to love my stash of vintage stationery and I am making quite a dent in using it and plan to continue to write to long after the month ends.
    Mary, thank you for this event and I’ll be sure to look for it again next year.

  5. I made some great new friends during the Month of Letters, but the two letters I’m happiest about were both fan letters – one to Bonnie Burton of Revision3/StarWars Craft Book fame, and one to Stephanie Burgis, the author of the charming Kat, Incorrigible books. Both ladies tweeted me back to tell me how much the letters had meant to them. That just made me happy.

  6. I have a mountain of letters that I am planning to write! The end of the month means little in that the writing plans will continue.(on and on I hope) Sad to see the actual end of A Month of Letters. EVERY letter i received was thrilling. It was so fun to remember writing to everyone years ago. Remember ” stationary (that light weight,thin paper we all used for Air Mail correspondence)? Where can you get THAT or its new equivalent? I have thoroughly enjoyed this month and don’t want it to end. I still have MANY letters to write…

  7. The other day I received a letter from my great aunt-in-law’s sister. For a couple of years I took them out once a week to run errands. I sent them Valentine’s this year and it was a delight to receive a letter back! I miss them greatly!

  8. I didn’t get much mail in return this time around. But I do think my favorite has to be a letter I received on a robot card. Classic Sci-Fi robots no less. 🙂

  9. I have only received three letters this month but I will treasure each of them. I decided to take the philosophy that Sandra Tayler mentioned on her blog. Each letter I write is a gift and I don’t think any less of the recipient if they don’t reply. I am going to slow down on the pace of my letter writing, but I will be writing more letters from now on.

  10. Everything I received this month is my favorite! I had so much fun and plan to continue with the goal of sending a piece of mail a day.

    I’ve really been into snail mail swapping for just over two years now, but I’ve been terribly unorganized about it. The Month of Letters Challenge motivated me to do something about this. I started a One Note journal on my smartphone which syncs with my computer. I log every piece of mail I receive (with a check box for when I’ve replied) and every piece of mail I send. The envelopes that are decorated or full of goodies can be photographed with my phone and attached to the note. I’m sure I will evolve my Postal Journal even more, but for now it has made things so much easier!

    Happy mailing, everyone!

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