Day 3 of Month of Letters

spot of mailWe started off with a short week in the US with mail on Friday and Saturday. If you are playing along by reporting what you’ve mailed, you should have this little badge over in the right hand side of the page.

If you are catching up, just post twice in the “What have you mailed” form, then return to using it once per day. It counts the number of posts as days, so be careful not to post more than once per day.

Today, Sunday, is a day of rest for the postal system and for you, too. You can plan who you are going to mail things to next week, go shopping for more stationery — who can ever have enough — or relax in satisfaction that you’ve gotten through the first two days of the Challenge.

So how did you do this week?

23 thoughts on “Day 3 of Month of Letters”

  1. Okay so posting for my first day of mailing since I didn’t remember to do it. The first thing I mailed was an article to my mother. It doesn’t seem much but i usually clip a lot of things for my mother then never remember to send them so this cleared something off my desk.

    Yesterday I bought a couple boxes of Valentines Cards and some small books for my grand-niece who is two. I told my nephew I would send her something to read and this will motivate me to actually do it.

  2. Pfieuw, I spended more then an hour writing a letter.. I can’t send it yet: I don’t have an adress where it has to go. It is for a project from our church: we will be sending letters, 18x two people to each other, about our life, about our faith.. This was het first one!

  3. I wrote a thank-you note and a long letter yesterday, and today so far (it’s 3:45 PM) I’ve written another long (10 pages!) letter. In both letters I had fun divulging all sorts of intimate info to complete strangers. =grin=

    All three are safely ensconced in handmade envelopes with various decorations, addressed but not yet stamped. The stamp step is an elaborate one for me, because I have an accordion file bursting (quite literally) with stamps of all denominations. I view the stamps on a letter as kind of a mini-collage, and usually I add artistamps (by myself and by other artists) as well.

    After I recover from all that, I hope to write another long letter, again to a complete stranger, tonight. This month is going to be a blast, even without considering that my birthday is on the 22nd. Woo hoo!

  4. I’ve been very naughty and only popped a letter and gift into an envelope today. Think the being ill thing has caught up with me but hopefully a good night of sleep and not too crazy a day at work tomorrow will mean I can get a letter written tomorrow. I’m finding myself trying to match pens to recipients too.

  5. I have long been a card sender, but I am new to this challenge. Thus, I am trying to play catch up. Since I sent a note card both last Friday and last Saturday, I am on track…just have to record them.

    When it says, “Tell us about your mail,” what are we to put in there? The first name of our letter/card recipient? A bit about why we wrote? Or do we just put “note card to friend.”

    And may I record those 2 days as well as today, then get on task with recording only once per day?

    Thanks…this really is an awesome idea. In our rush-rush, technology-driven society, this little bit of old-fashioned snail mail is a bright ray of sunshine!

    1. When it says, “Tell us about your mail,” what are we to put in there?
      Anything you like, some people leave it blank, in fact but… In your profile, under “Letters” there’s a record of what you’ve sent.

      And may I record those 2 days as well as today, then get on task with recording only once per day?

      Yes, absolutely.

      I’m glad you are playing with us.

  6. Two letters today *yaaayyyyyy* Ooooh I AM enjoying this…..and it’s only 5th!!!

    If anything this LetterMo Challenge is encouraging me to do my housework a LOT quicker in the mornings so I have it all completed by lunchtime and can then spend my afternoons writing without feeling guilty.

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