Day 4 — Be a postal explorer

As we kick off the first full week of The Month of Letters, you have the simple task of sending six items in the mail, one each day.

If that seems easy, why don’t you kick it up a level and use the Challenge to get to know your neighborhood a little better. Using the mailbox map try to use other mailboxes than your usual. Who knows, you may find a new coffee shop or a shorter route to the dry cleaners while you are questing for a mailbox.

And if you succeed? Badges!  Earn the Explorer by reporting one trip to a new mailbox on the “What have you mailed” form.  The Adventurer is for the intrepid letter writer who visits four new mailboxes.

And as soon as I finish the design, there will be the Trekker, for the letter-writer who manages to go to twenty new mailboxes.

41 thoughts on “Day 4 — Be a postal explorer”

  1. I have a mailbox locator app on my phone, and I’ve used it lots when traveling. I’ve never thought of using it at home. I’ll give this a try tomorrow and take pictures at each new Blue Box.

      1. It is USPS Mobile. You can even use it to put a hold on your mail if you forget to do so when traveling. And look up zipcodes. Does rate look-up, too, but you have to know the weight. I can usually tell if it is over 1 oz limit, but can’t always tell when it is over 2 oz.

    1. I can when I’m in town, but it’s awful cold to walk much and parking is impossible. I can go for the four new mailboxes–do ones outside post offices where I’ve used the post office but not used the mail drop count? Twenty, no, not happening, I’ll just drop my postcards in the mailbox at home and put up the little flag.

  2. You know what’s funny. I can still remember where those free-standing blue mailboxes were located in my childhood neighborhood, but with the exception of the boxes outside the post office, I don’t know where any mailboxes are nowadays. Kind of sad, huh? I am definitely going to be using the mailbox map and trying to discover mailboxes AWAY from the post office.

  3. I am going to have a blast with this mailbox mailing challenge. It feels like geocaching for mailboxes. LOL And the fact I get a badge makes it even more exciting. I need to go to Los Angeles with a whole bunch of letters and zip around town down there. Wouldn’t that be fun? Well, believe it or not, I think it would be fun!

  4. I’m afraid I don’t use the blue mailboxes, because I’m into getting my mostly vintage stamps hand-cancelled at the post office. Anyone else who prefers hand cancellation? It may be rather perverse to wait in line, as I do, to get every single postcard & letter hand-cancelled, but even one trip a month to one’s local P.O. supports our valued postal employees by helping to ensure that their jobs will continue to be funded.

    1. Oh yes!! I occasionally drive 25 minutes out the Columbia Gorge to visit the Bridal Veil PO. Second smallest PO in the US. Geri, the postmistress has only 100 square feet, so that means no room for canceling machinery, also no room for the machine that spits out the ugly sticker with amount of postage for a parcel. So, if mailing a parcel from Bridal Veil, it will be covered with hand cancelled stamps instead of the ugly sticker!! Naturally, I take nearly all my parcels there.

  5. Julie,
    Woohoo now that sounds like fun, I think I am going to venture out this week to an area I usually just pass through and mail some letters.

  6. hmmm… I’m from Belgium.. so the map doensn’t show any of the mailboxes here 😉 So it’s when I post my mail in another mailbox than I normally do? Just to be sure that I won’t be cheating 🙂

  7. I don’t have one specific mailbox that I go to, I have one only a few meters from my front door, but I usually don’t go in that direction but instead head downtown or to a mailbox by a store or a coffee shop or..yeah you get the point.
    It’s sad that our mailboxes all look the same though. Silver and yellow, all of them!

  8. I live in a small town but we’ve got a few boxes to put our post in so I’m mapping these out as I walk/drive around town. We also have a sorting office so a box outside there too. Not sure if there’s 20 boxes in our town but you never know….

    It’s fun to seek them out tho’

  9. On the last day of vacation this summer I had a few last items to put in the mail. There is always that check out morning frenzy and I forgot about mailing them till we where all packed in the car and headed toward home. I didn’t want to mail them from home so I used the USPS mobile app to locate a mailbox along our route. It proved a bit of a challenge at first. Instead of stressing, we had a good laugh deciding it would should be a travel game. I felt so accomplished when we located the blue box I defiantly took a photo. I’m looking forward to playing this game around town this week.

  10. I totally misunderstood the Adventurer achievement. On my lunch break today I visited four different Blue Boxes so I could unlock that achievement tonight. I took pictures of each Blue Box But now I see that it unlocks after reporting on four days. I had a lovely walk, though. I will go to three more different Blue Boxes during the week, using my handy USPS Mobile app, and really get to see the city!

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