The Month of Letters Begins!

Your challenge is to send one item through the mail every day the post runs. This week is easy because you only have to mail two items. One today and one tomorrow. Have you thought about who gets your first item?

Remember, it does not have to be a letter. It can be a fabric swatch, a postcard, or box of candy. It does not need to be handwritten. Typing is fair game. The point is to slow down, and take a little time to think of someone, then send them something. It’s like a a tangible “I thought of you today.”

Who are you mailing to first?

28 thoughts on “The Month of Letters Begins!”

  1. My first letter is to my friend Chrissy in Wales, she has been ill so I send a card each week to let her know she is thought of. I am also mailing 5 letters to participants of A Month of Letters.
    It just so happens Friday is a shipping day for my business so I have 60 packages to mail. Oh not to mention 2 postcards.

  2. I dozed off in front of the TV last night, and woke up just after we entered the Month of Letters. My first notecard was written to my friend Sue, who was an enthusiastic participant last year. One’s in progress to friend Chris, to send her an artist’s trading card I made using pens and paper she gave me for Christmas. Next I’ll write postcards of encouragement (on LetterMo cards, of course) to a couple of people who said they thought they might give it a try. Then one each to

    Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe
    United States Postal Service
    475 L’Enfant Plaza SW
    Washington DC 20260-0010

    and the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee

    to ask, Hey, wouldn’t a Month of Letters stamp (or at least a write-more-letters stamp) be a nice idea? And that should do it for today. And away we go.
    Thanks, Mary!

  3. I like to get all my mail hand-cancelled, so I just went to the post office to send out a letter to British Columbia and a postcard to Arkansas. I had an adventure: Right after I got out of my car, I stepped on some invisible ice and went flying! (I live near Washington, DC, but I grew up in Houston, so I’m not very experienced at dealing with ice & snow.) Fortunately I landed safely on my butt and didn’t twist anything. A very nice man was there to help me get up, but the ice was so slick, it took us three tries to get me on my feet. So my Month of Letters is off to an exciting start!

    Thanks, EAJ, for posting that address for the Postmaster General and the link to the Citizen’s Stamp Advisory Committee: I’m going to write to both of those places. I want to tell the PG how much I love the postal service, and I want to suggest that in some future year they have a Halloween stamp. (Have you noticed that? They have stamps for lots of different holidays, but they never have a stamp with a pumpkin or something for Halloween, America’s second most popular holiday.)

  4. My postcards to the Postmaster General and Advisory Committee are going out this afternoon. I hope they hear from lots of LetterMo participants!

    Black ice can catch even those of us with years of snow and ice experience by surprise. (If it makes you feel any better, I have nearly 60 years of walking in shoes behind me, and still managed to snag a shoelace and fall flat yesterday.)

  5. I sent 4 thank you cards, first of all. I am a firm believer in old fashioned, properly written out on nice cards, thank you notes. I also sent a friend a beautiful post card as a pick me up. She gets down on herself too often. Tomorrow the theme is my dear friends who are far away and also mamas- they need to know how fantastic they are!

  6. I wrote my first letter to my first friend that I made when I moved to the States. I haven’t written to her in years, but I think about her all the time. I was 21 when I met her and she taught me how to make the best mashed potatoes. I think about her every time I make them. Unfortunately, I missed our mail lady yesterday so I will get it out today along with my second letter.

  7. Today I made use of one of those new round global stamps (is it just me, or does it strike you as amusing that they say “Forever 2013”?) by sending a funny postcard to a friend in Australia. ‘Got it out just before the postman came—’love it when that happens.

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