The Month of Letters in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

I was interviewed for an article about letter writing that appeared in a recent issue of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“You forget the cool things about (letters),” Kowal said by phone before heading out to mail her output that day of 32 letters and postcards. “A letter is a tangible representation of that time in your life. When you send it to someone else, even to someone you don’t know, you’re making a personal connection.”

Most of the focus is on a gentleman doing a variant on the 365 Letters project, and it’s neat to see the discoveries he is making. Some of them may sound familiar to you as part of your own journey in postal land. You can read the full article here.

5 thoughts on “The Month of Letters in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution”

  1. The comment about cursive being hard made me whimper a little, but that’s not why I’m commenting today. That reason is: Congrats on 1800 site members!

  2. I have been going through some old newspapers (The Syracuse Post Standard,Syracuse,NY. There on the bottom of the front page of the CNY section
    was the title “Atlanta writer (sincerely) promises a “Letter A Day”. I just finished reading it, and have momentarily ignored the TV screen for the computer screen.
    In sum, my very good friend Marge and I have been writing each other letters and
    cards for several years now, even though we both have our computers to use for IM and FB messages. We must be of a generation that remembers to write Thank You notes, using the better cards, and sign your name. I create my own cards (from a computer program) but make them truly mine. I also have rubber stamps and ink, and am happy doing this. Ultimately it creates a something memorable. And in cursive handwriting because we learned that too, and correctly. In this world of instant messaging, how nice to get a real card and letter in the mail. Often.
    Most sincerely,
    Deborah A. Steinhauser
    Cortland, NY

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