Welcome to December!

December 2, 2013 in Journal

We’re two months away from the 2014 Month of Letters and you can start practicing with your holiday cards. The USPS has a handy shipping guide for when things need to be in the mail to have a reasonable chance of arriving at Christmas within the US.

  • First-Class Mail® Service – Dec. 20
  • Priority Mail® Service – Dec. 21
  • Priority Mail Express™ Service1 – Dec. 23
  • Standard Post™ Service –  Dec. 14
  • Destination Network Distribution Center (DNDC) Drop Ship-  Dec. 19
  • Destination Delivery Unit (DDU) Drop Ship – Dec. 21

For those in the UK, the Royal Mail publishes a similar list that’s enhanced by this article in the Guardian.

  • Second class and Royal Mail signed for: Wednesday 18 December.
  • First class and Royal Mail signed for: Friday 20.
  • Special delivery: Monday 23.

Of course that’s just for domestic delivery. If you are sending something to another country, the times get greater. Where’s the farthest away you are planning to send some holiday cheer?

7 responses to Welcome to December!

  1. Looking forward to February. Hope to get some others to jump in.

  2. Looking forward to another great year with the Letter Challenge.

  3. I finished my holiday card design a week before Thanksgiving, now I just need to start assembling & mailing them. I love the new Global Holiday Evergreen Wreath stamp.

    • The new Global stamp is so pretty, I love the Gingerbread House forever stamps too.

  4. Looking forward to being part of the Letter Challenge in 2014! 🙂

  5. Oy…I have a couple boxes of Christmas cards. I always intend to send them out. I very rarely do. :/ The holidays just sneak up on me, and this year was particularly hectic. I will reply to everyone who sent me a card, though…

  6. Is there anything we need to do to sign up again? Or if we participated last year, are we set?


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