Cleaning the website for the beginning of Month of Letters

This week we’re going to reset all of the badges and points — except the Winner! badge — so you can start February with a fresh slate. It should be fun to see who makes the top of the leaderboard this year. I’m hoping to have a couple of new badges for you, as well, so stay tuned for that.

We’re also trying to deal with the spammers, because, ugh.

And, you may have noticed some site fluctuations. As the month started approaching, the webtraffic shot up and my webmaster gently suggested that I move the site to a new host so it didn’t crash. That process is not going quiiiite as smoothly as we’d like, so bear with us. Everything should be in place for the month to begin.

21 thoughts on “Cleaning the website for the beginning of Month of Letters”

  1. I want to thank you for “hosting” this challenge and all the work that something of this nature includes. It really is such a great motivator for me to do something that I really enjoy doing and which I hope encourages the recipients. I don’t take the time I should until I have this sort of motivation to give it a higher priority. Thanks a ton for putting up with the frustrations of web traffic, crashing sites, spammers and such for the sake of us who enjoy the fruits of your labors!

  2. Seriously can’t wait to see the reset. I would love to see it earlier (like the beginning of the year) next time. 😀 Already have some mail planned out once the month starts.

  3. Tanks so much, Mary, for all the work you do to make the Month of Letters happen! I’m really looking forward to the 2014 challenge and I hope you’ll have a new badge for hamd-cancellation! =smile=

  4. Hi, Mary, thanks so much for all the work you put into this! It’ll be doubly appreciated this year, with the puppetry workshop and its attendant sweaty exhaustion happening during the MoL.

    A couple of friends wrote to say they haven’t been able to register; they entered their info but never received a confirmation e-mail, and if they try again they receive a message saying their account IDs are already in use. Is the missing e-mail a glitch resulting from the move to the new host? I suggested to one that she try logging in even though she hasn’t received the e-mail (and urged her to send out her letters and postcards even if she never manages to register), but haven’t heard back yet. She may already have tried that.

    Have tons of sweaty fun!

  5. I ‘finished’ way at the top last year, but the reporting and the competition were contrary to what I saw as the point of this. I probably won’t do all of that this year… But, I do look forward to making some new friends – whether for one letter or a short term exchange or a long term penpal….

  6. I am also a bit confused about how to “log” my letters. I joined the site a few months ago and have anxiously been waiting for Feb. to start. My first letter is in the mailbox waiting for the mail lady to come tomorrow!

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