Turn your Month of Letters into a Role Playing Game

February 2, 2014 in Journal

HabitRPGby LaShawn Wanak

Are you participating in the Month of Letters this year? Looking for a way to keep yourself on task? Do you like RPGs? What am I saying, of COURSE you like RPGs!

Last year, I made the wonderful discovery of a web-based time management tool called HabitRPG. It takes your daily task list and your to-dos and gives it a gaming spin. Now you can check off your tasks and gain experience points and gold. But if you don’t finish tasks, you lose hit points. With rewards such as armor, weapons, pets and steeds, managing your daily to-do list has never been more fun! You can find a more indepth look at HabitRPG here,

HabitRPG works great when more people are involved in keeping each other accountable. One way they do that is through challenges, where people can sign up to do a set of tasks for a limited amount of time. Since I’m participating in the 2014 Month of Letters Challenge, I’ve created a challenge in HabitRPG called “A Month of Letters Challenge”. As of this writing, 47 people had signed up for it!

Want to join? Then go to HabitRPG, create an account, then head over to the Tavern (found under Settings > Social) and join the Month of Letters Challenge. Then, have fun getting your tasks done!

6 responses to Turn your Month of Letters into a Role Playing Game

  1. I was using HabitRPG last year and then I stopped. I’ll have to go back to it.

  2. Sorry, it might be helpful to explain what RPG stands for. I visited the site and I’m still not sure. Thanks

  3. OK, interesting. :-)

  4. I’ve signed up. It doesn’t want to behave well with my iPhone, though, so may take me a bit to get it going.

  5. I’m playing! I was slow to start this year so I took a pummeling health-wise but that certainly got me in the saddle. Thanks LaShawn!

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