The 2015 Month of Letters Planning Calendar

January 28, 2015 in Fun Things, Journal

LetterMo2015I need to thank Morgan Kane and Pamela Berry who both volunteered to create Month of Letters planning calendars.

Pamela’s is a google doc, so you can change things around if you need to.

Or you can download Morgan’s as a pdf to start your planning process. Here’s the pdf of the LetterMo 2015 calendar

11 responses to The 2015 Month of Letters Planning Calendar

  1. These are great ideas and useful tools

  2. Where is the link the google doc? Or maybe I’m just blind and missing where it is.

  3. Will there be stickers for 2015? I liked putting those on my letters and the explanation cards!

  4. Thank you so very very much xxxxxx

  5. when i printed mine out, all the cute icons i put on disappeared :/ but still works just the same

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