The final day of the Month of Letters Challenge!

Here we are on February 28th. How did you do? Did you manage to meet the Challenge and send out mail on every day it ran? For folks in the US that was 23 days this year.

I’ll be frank. I did not manage to do that this year. Shocking, right? As the founder, I should totally have been able to send that much mail. I didn’t and I don’t feel badly about it because I still sent more mail than I would have without the Challenge. So I might not have won the challenge, but it was still successful for me.

I’m still working my way through the mail that I received this year, and will reply to all of you who wrote to me. Thank you so much. Your letters are simply wonderful.

Now go forth and continue writing!

And for those of you who did win the challenge, we have a winner’s badge for you.


0 The final day of the Month of Letters Challenge!

Did you manage to send mail on all the days that mail ran in February this year? Congratulations!

8 thoughts on “The final day of the Month of Letters Challenge!”

  1. Hi, I didn’t manage every day but I did write more letters than I have done in years. I used the challenge to send silly things to my daughter who is away from home. I wrote to family and made contact with some old friends, and even got two replies. I am very happy to have joined in and will definitely be writing letters more now.

  2. First-timer thoughts: So happy with the wonderful new pen friendships developing from this challenge! While I didn’t send out mail Every.Single.Post Day in February, I did carefully compose more than 40 letters and postcards for 18 participants and received replies from nine thoughtful and engaging writers (so far). I’ve developed a new vice (postage stamps), absorbed creative paper art tips and ideas, re-purposed files and supplies that were languishing in drawers and other forgotten places, and best of all, realized that instead of dashing out a daily journal entry that fails to inspire anyone (including me!), I can write a letter or postcard message that puts some sunshine in someone else’s mailbox.

    Thank you very much for creating and supporting this adventure!

  3. I managed 36 letters including replies – and I still have a good few replies to go (plus any in transit).

    I’ve enjoyed the process and will continue to respond to any letters I receive, I’m hoping that at least some of the exchanges will be one regular ones.

    Being honest I didn’t manage to write a letter everyday, occasionally life got in the way but I’m pleased how much I managed to do in total

  4. I sent out 62 pieces of mail during February – letters, postcards, a couple of greetings cards and a few were Postcrossing cards. I’ve developed a new vice too – washi tape. It’s a step up from last year’s last-minute flower and butterfly stickers 🙂 By mid-month I was making my own stickers and some of the envelopes – I love making envelopes, I discovered, and really hope they’ve all survived their journeys. Next year I’ll get organised in advance and have stationery ready. It’s also ther first time ever I’ve gone through a whole refill for my favourite pen within a month! And yes, I’m carrying on for the rest of the year – Lettermo has really been an inspiration!

    1. Wow! What a terrific month you made of it. 🙂 I’m also transitioning from buying to making envelopes for my correspondence. Love the idea of recycling catalog pages, as @jcparkins does so beautifully. Her blogs are inspiring and helpful with tips; her recommendations for reliable envelope adhesive are very useful.

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