May I ask for your help supporting Month of Letters?

Support a Month of Letters. (1)When I started Month of Letters, it was just a 2 rule challenge on my website. Now we have a vibrant community and over 7000 people participating. This is fantastic. It also means that the Challenge needs more infrastructure and people. Last year, I upgraded to a new site in order to handle the traffic. Now, I need more people. Currently, Month of Letters has two people running it. Me, and K. Tempest Bradford, who is our community manager. I need a webmaster.


You’ve probably noticed some things are wonky this year. So I’d like to ask for your help. I’ve made a Patreon page, which is a fundraiser that allows people to offer support on a regular basis. I want to be clear that Month of Letters is free, but if you want to help support the website I would really, really appreciate it. To put it really bluntly, maintaining the site at the bare minimum that it is now costs about $3000 per year, and that’s without a webmaster on staff. And then there are things I want to do, like:

  1. Making badges automatic
  2. Bringing quests back
  3. Building an app, so you can play on your phone
  4. Paying contributors
  5. Mail scholarships for people who want to play, but can’t afford stationary and stamps
  6. A penpal matching system

And I need help to do that. I’m the child of Depression era parents, so talking about money or asking for help does not come naturally. But this is a community. I would counsel a friend to ask that community for help, and so I am now asking you.

If you have questions, I’m happy to answer them. Meanwhile… here’s a sample of one of the rewards that comes with your patronage. Downloadable stationary that you can print out at home. Or I’ll send a thank you note. Or recipes. In the mail!

If you can help, please check out the Patreon page for Month of Letters

A month of Letters letterhead for Patreon


9 thoughts on “May I ask for your help supporting Month of Letters?”

  1. I would be willing to fund a couple of scholarships directly with materials. One nice thing about working somewhere that sells stationary! And I already buy stamps in bulk. ^.^

  2. Thanks for being so transparent Mary. I think many members can relate in one way or another about the taboos given to us about accepting help. As a very independent person (some things by choice, other things not) I know it’s not easy and I’m guessing many can relate here at some level. So the question is, will we support the place that allows us to practice what we love and interact with others who feel the same? (and much more that I won’t mention to keep this from being a novel.)
    I see the choices are from $12 through to $120. That really does provide a range for a lot of different circumstances. This is my first year here at lettermo. I will think about it this weekend. Maybe instead of spending money on more supplies this year that I don’t need (really should use up the mounds I have) I can support lettermo instead. We’ll see.

  3. I’ve peeled $3/month from my grocery budget [fixed income] to help support Lettermo. I’m grateful for everything offered here and for one thing that doesn’t pop up, too! Have y’all noticed we’re not slammed by advertising on this website?

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