The 2017 LetterMo postcard

For 2017, I’ve got a brand-new postcard design for you AND it’s a small way to help support the site, which receives 10% of the sales.

You’ll also notice that I cleverly did NOT put the year on it this time, so you can reuse the card next year if you don’t send them all this year. One of the things I do with these is use the ability to customize it, and add my return address directly on the back of the card. It’s super-handy.


(Or, if you just want the card, and can’t afford to spend the money, here’s a pdf so you can print your own. Postcard 2017 pdf)

6 thoughts on “The 2017 LetterMo postcard”

  1. Do you think people who aren’t devoted letter-writers will recognize that as sealing wax rather than blood? Or are you deliberately being eeeevil?

  2. i placed an order for some of these postcards. i knew it was sealing wax, but i could see where Blood might be thought of. I am looking forward to the month of letters project.

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