The 2017 LetterMo postcard

For 2017, I’ve got a brand-new postcard design for you AND it’s a small way to help support the site, which receives 10% of the sales.

You’ll also notice that I cleverly did NOT put the year on it this time, so you can reuse the card next year if you don’t send them all this year. One of the things I do with these is use the ability to customize it, and add my return address directly on the back of the card. It’s super-handy.


(Or, if you just want the card, and can’t afford to spend the money, here’s a pdf so you can print your own. Postcard 2017 pdf)

6 Replies to “The 2017 LetterMo postcard”

  1. Do you think people who aren’t devoted letter-writers will recognize that as sealing wax rather than blood? Or are you deliberately being eeeevil?

    1. Me? Evil? Perish the thought.

      In all honesty though, it hadn’t even occurred to me that it might be mistaken for blood because the consistency is all wrong. Um. Not that I have intimate experience with blood or anything.

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