Mail Mission Accomplished!

It was wonderful to read that many of you participated in Mail Missions during LetterMo.

In chatting in one of my Facebook Groups, a member of the Braid Mission mentioned that they had received several “Cards of Hope” from LetterMo members and hearing that news really warmed the cockles of my heart. YAY for you kind-hearted people!

Another Mail Mission that many of your undertook was to send World War II veteran Fred Arsenault a birthday card for his 100th birthday. Cards were sent from Canada, USA and from around the world.

Fred Arsenault with his original request. Fred with his daughter-in-law at his birthday party on March 5, 2020, announcing how many cards he received.

We are happy to report that Fred Arsenault achieved his request to receive 100 cards for his 100th birthday. He just received an extra 90,000 of them! Click this link to see scenes from his birthday party.

Thanks to all of you kind snailmailers! <3

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