What Are You Writing About?

As February 1st draws near, how is your planning going for the month? Have you got names pencilled in your calendar? Signed up at LetterMo to become a member and requested new penpal addresses? Other than the basic introductory information, you may wonder what you can write about.

Here is a list of occasions that you can draw inspiration from. Remember to thank your Mail Carrier on February 4th! Send fan mail to your favourite Weatherperson (5th). Share a recipe for your favourite plum pudding (12th) or Margarita (22nd). Express your gratitude for Caregivers Day (18th) and support for World Day of Social Justice (20th).

There’s always something interesting to write about and share! Which is your favourite occasion listed below? Let us know if there something else you celebrate in your region.

Click on the image for a full size PDF.

6 thoughts on “What Are You Writing About?”

  1. Every year I hope you will take away the requirement to mail a piece of mail every day. But you never do. So you discount people who don’t live in towns and cities, and who don’t have cars or can drive, and who live a long way from a mailbox. And who don’t live in a country where the mailperson will take mail as well as leave it. People will reply saying it doesn’t matter. But it does. If it is in the description, then it must matter. And you’re not the only ones, Incowrimo do it too. So sad. Ah well, I won’t be able to join in this year. Again.

    1. Eunice,
      LetterMo has been much more flexible and embraces the spirit. We know people fit in their schedules when they can according to their situation, especially during these times. For example, some focus on writing letters for the total number of days for the challenge – since there are participants from around the world, there is no fixed number. Some people might not make it while some are able to write more.

      Do we need to work on our wording? Yes, we do need to and we will take note. But all the administrators are volunteers and contribute when we can and our goal is to get the program running each year.

    2. i’ve aways ignored the ‘mail every day’ bit – i focus on write every day

      my post office is 20km/12ml from my home – in the tural area where i live we have a small 2 teacher school, a rural fire shed and recently restored community hall – and that is it – there are no shops, no mail collection, no thing

      i dream of having my mail delivered near to my home – i have a 100m/320 feet driveway to the road from the property gate so i’d accept that as near hahahaaa
      and an even bigger dream is to have my mail collected every day

      incowrimo amuses me – “in” means international and yet every year people are collecting addresses within their own country – sure i do too – but i don’t report that publicly – a letter from australia to america costs nearly 4x the price americans pay for an international letter – our domestic rate is 3x the american rate

      maybe the wording could be amended – just do what you can within your own environment/ abilities – stretch the boundaries or just work outside the box
      whatever works however it works

      ; )

      1. A point of clarification — Month of Letters and InCoWriMo are two different challenges, organized and maintained by different folks, started at different times, on two different websites. I complete understand why folks use them interchangeably.

        While both challenges have always focused on on letter writing, InCoWriMo was originally started by fountain pen folks whose goal was to write handwritten letters (using fountain pens, of course) every day.

        When it originated, Month of Letters was about sending mail “every day the post runs” — meaning that weekends and non-post holidays don’t count.

        If you live in a place where, quite literally, the daily post is not a thing, then you most certainly can decide what “every day the post runs” means for you.

        And really, is it a challenge if it’s not, well, challenging? I always find the joy is in the participation, not necessarily the completion.

  2. This is a fantastic calendar of days, for those of us looking for inspiration. Thank You 💌 Let’s all get in gear and conquer this year’s #lettermo22 It’s go time. Also funny to look up others too:
    Feb 1: “Spunky Ole Broads Day” – or – Feb 3 “Feed the Birds” Day – but not Bears… dont feed the Bears! 🐻 Write about them! LOL #teamlettermo

  3. I write a letter every single day – whether the mail is delivered on that day or not – because I love to write to people and that is my commitment to myself. And I have no issue if no one else does – people get busy – that’s ok 😃 this is such a wonderful forum to meet like minded people who just want to connect and write letters – so do what you can and enjoy the process🥰

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