Welcome to LetterMo 2023

Dateline: February 1st around the world and the start of LetterMo!

Thank you to all who have registered to join our community of letter writers – newbies and long term LetterMoians.

  • Remember that you need to log in to the members only forums
  • For the newbies and a refresher for those returning, look for the START HERE thread in the forums
  • Say hello in the Introduction thread
  • Remember to write your return address in your letter in case the envelope gets separated from the envelope
  • Record your new penpal addresses in a separate location other than on the website.
  • Write back to everyone you receive a letter from.

LetterMo embraces the spirit of letter writing. We encourage you to do your best and what fits with your life – and adjust accordingly when life happens. If you miss a day, write two the next or make your goal for a total number of letters if you’re unable to write everyday. If you can’t get out to the post box or you live in a rural area without regular pickup, adjust your goal for a total number and get your letters out as soon as you are able.

A special thanks to all the volunteer administrators who do so much work behind the scenes – from the website to the Facebook groups – who make this wonderful snail mail project possible.

Happy letter writing and have FUN!

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