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  • I am May 20.

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  • For now, I’m storing mine in magazine holders… but as they start to take up more space, I may start scanning some in, and keeping my favorites in hard copy. Not sure yet. :)

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    So, I only found out about this group today, which means I missed the month of sending in February, but I send between 10 and 50 letters or postcards every month anyways. I am addicted to stationary. Especially awful Japanese Engrish type writing paper. Send me something with a return address and I will send stuff back.

    AleX Zephyr
    6 Shaw…[Read more]

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  • I would love to. Do they care where the English speakers write from?

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  • School is almost over!!! So much C.R.A.P. has been happening!!!! Care to know? Allow me to tell you in a letter!

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