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Lettermo Member Mail Art

Our 2018 Lettermo Mail Art Contest was full of gorgeous creations! Our members create construct and have such artful attention to detail! It was difficult to choose 3 winners. You can see the winners slideshow down below. We thought a Collage redux, was in order! Our members beautify mailboxes globally!
Only 7 Days till Lettermo Begins! Sign up on site and join in the Forum chatter, or check out the FB Group posts if you wish! Thank you to our participating & active members and to our volunteer admins and mods for keeping Lettermo – A Month of Letters Challenge – looking fine in 19! #lettermo #mailart

15 Lettermo Member Mail Creations 2018 Contest
Submissions L to R: breezetribe, spatulate, jacklyn705, CareBooksandPie, barbararohrer, creamaria, vanessac, sacdalton, snusser, mayram, seattlestacia, ubockinme, greasyjoan, hexentrio and rolina



USA Philatelic Catalog, Stamp Increases, Mail Art

Print catalogs and catalog companies have not endured the modern age of Eco, Techno or electronic media and the “have it now” generation.

The official source for stamp enthusiasts

The USA Philatelic is one that I enjoy! The  Fall 2017 Volume featured Sharks on the cover, great themes, insightful stories and articles regarding the beautiful stamp issues and products! (See collage above)  #usaphilatelic  You can “have it now” with a request at USPS here: (just wait for it the mail! )  USA Philatelic Catalog


Although not a collector, I like to order the commemorative and seasonal stamps. In re-imagining the Philatelic cover, I converted it to an artvelope, or shall we say a pair of “Sharkvelopes”.  #artvelope  Two cut from the Shark centerfold! 

Hopefully, a few of my lettermo penpals who weren’t traumatized by the 1975 Jaws film will enjoy one.  Mail art is another aspect of letter writing, that is fun, creative, crafty, thrifty and a fulfilling exercise! 🙂 The artvelope also opens a new topic with the person reading your letter.  Something to write back about, and perhaps include silly 1970’s movie references!   #mailart #envelopes #lettermo #stamps

Stamp Increase!!  Thanks to member, Heather S,  for reminding us that ordering now will save you a bit. She ordered hers early!  Rates Increase 1/21/2018.

Helpful information on the increase here:

USPS Price Change Documents:

Enjoy the upcoming  2018 Month of Letter Challenge! The Forums are now open for topic posting, introductions, and more  Lettermo 2018 information, including the Participant Badges, Calendar, Sheet of Stamps and more!

“Sharkvelopes are predatory artvelopes. Stamp with Caution:.”   ~Cooksterz