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Lettermo 2022 Preparations Underway

LetterMo’s Virtual Write-In

Make your writing public!

LetterMo is hosting a virtual letter writing social. While we won’t have a space for an online meet-up, we encourage LetterMoians to coordinate with letter writers local to them, invite friends and family to join in a real location, coordinate an online hangout with your favorite pen-pal, or simply take your letter writing to a public place.

You can check in on the FB Event or here in the Members Only Virtual Write-in Forum:

If the time doesn’t work for you, adjust as needed.

Share your Write-In location or snap pictures of your progress for the last Sunday of our February challenge.

STAMP — Lettermo Bingo

We’re trying something new this year. At the onset, virtual “badges” were awarded to participants for various mailing accomplishments. They were awarded on the honor system with submissions through the website. Sadly, given the current state of the code and our resources to fix it, virtual badges are not available this year.

Instead, we’ve created an analog way to keep track of your frequent mailings (our downloadable mail tracker) as well as this challenge for your postal participation.

If you share your progress, please tag us with #LetterMoSTAMP

Follow this link for an explanation of how to use the 3 Cards
Follow this link to our Dropbox to download your Cards

We hope you enjoy the game. If you have any questions, please ask!. As the month continues, we’d love to see snaps of your progress. Call out “STAMP” (like BINGO) in the STAMP forum when you complete a column, row or even share a picture of you completing the task (FB group, on IG, or in the forum). Share photos of your task completion — either images of physical evidence or the progress on your card.

Explanation of STAMP Game — LetterMo’s version of BINGO

Each square has a task. This post will point you toward resources for completing them.

S1 Used a typewriter Typewriters are making quite the comeback. Many analog folks have already given them homes. Stores and enthusiasts around the country are refurbishing them. Type-ins are become more and more common. If you don’t have access to a typewriter, but would like to complete this task without buying one, check in with your local library. Several still keep one around. Or perhaps drop by the NYC Police Station? Not sure if they’ll let you borrow theirs.
You can choose to type on a label, a whole letter, or just the salutation. Whatever works for you, works for this square.

S2 Tagged #LetterMo on IG or Twitter Our official tag for the year is #LetterMo2019. Share with us your outgoing, incoming, or photo evidence of a finished challenge task.

S3 Used Vintage Postage Stamps Some of us have this in bottom drawers of our desks, but new vintage postage can be found easily on Etsy or eBay. If you’re not in the U.S., verify the rules about using vintage postage. Using old value postage in the UK is acceptable.

S4 Used LetterMo Stationery Our designers and other member volunteers have created several options for downloads. Check our Dropbox Link or FB Group Files, for the latest updates. Bonus points for creating and submitting your own design!

S5 Used a Wax Seal All kinds of sealing wax is available, from pre-made discs with a backing, to using glue guns, to mail safe wax as well as traditional. Historically, wax was used inside a letter to mark its authenticity, as well as to keep various folds secures (see Letter Locking). If you place your seal on the outside of your envelope, consider paying the non-machinable fee to help ensure the seal arrives intact, or place your finished letter inside a vellum or clear envelope. Remember the stamp still needs to be on the outside!

T1 Sent International Mail We have members in many different countries! Using our search tool, you can find a specific country to which you’d like to send mail or find an international pen pal who shares yours interests. If you participate in Postcrossing, that counts!

T2 Attended a Letter Writing Event Letter Writing Societies are having a zenith moment. Megan, the founder of Colorado Correspondence Coalition has created the LWS Directory to help people find letter writing groups in their area. Once she gathers information about the organizations, her next step will be to help the people who are interested in correspondence clubs to find each other if a group doesn’t already exist in the region. Consider posting in our forum or asking in the Members Group if you’re looking for a social letter writing opportunity. Folks have been known to hold virtual events as well. Whether that means coordinating with other LetterMo folks and sharing your progress via social media, or connecting over Hangouts, Skype, or Facetime while you chat and write. Perhaps the LetterMo Postmasters will organize a write-in date?

T3 Posted Intro in the LetterMo Forum The easiest way to ensure your account will survive our May spring cleaning — not to mention the best way to see which members might be your perfect pen pal match — is to post your Introduction in our Forum.

T4 Sent a Homemade Card Mail It Monday has an IG movement (#MailItMonday) for all our card making enthusiasts — don’t stop at being card makers, be card mailers! For those of you not regularly crafting your own cards, give it a try! Hallmark’s blog Think.Make.Share. offers several ideas for cards to make.

T5 Became a Member of the L.W.A. Whether we are members or not, most snailmail enthusiasts have been positively impacted by The Letter Writers Alliance’s 10 year devotion to correspondence. For a $5 lifetime membership, you can show your appreciation for their efforts, as well as access Member Only downloads, other goodies, and super secret mail initiative challenges — as well as take advantage of their pen pal matching service. Their blog is full of epistolary joy and worth a regular read.

A1 Sent a Homemade Envelope There are so many ways to make an envelope. Member goodjujubot offers a tutorial in her IG highlights. Naomi Bulger sends along gorgeous mail art printables for free via her newsletter or you can purchase her Mail Art Coloring book. A quick search or perusal of Pinterest will provide an array of templates, foldables, and tools. Some writers turn security envelopes inside out to create new, interesting envelopes. Ideas are endless!

A2 Used a Postbox Taking inspiration from L.W.A., Postmark’d Studio has declared 2019 as The Year of the Postbox in an effort to save U.S. blue boxes. For a postbox to stay in service, it must receive 25 pieces of mail daily. The #2019YearofthePostbox movement is to encourage us to adopt a local postbox and feed it as often as possible!

A3 MONTH OF LETTERS This square is earned by completing the Month of Letters Challenge — putting something in the mail every day the post is delivered and replying to all the mail you receive in February. Yay you!

A4 Sent a Recipe It might be as simple as your favorite personalized five ingredient hot chocolate mix or as complicated as your favorite recipe for an impressive main course. The recipe can be a tuck-in for a letter you are already sending, or if cooking is your jam, you might involve yourself in a recipe swap.

A5 Sent a S.A.S.E. In the early ‘80s, Free Stuff for Kids opened a whole generation’s eyes to the power of the S.A.S.E. (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) by compiling a book of kid friendly things that one could procure for the cost of two stamps. S.A.S.E. opportunities are less common these days perhaps, but it’s no surprise when snailmail oriented folks give them a purpose. The You Are Beautiful campaign offers stickers. The L.W.A. has their book Zine via S.A.S.E. Occasionally, the marvelous folks at Leaf Cutter Designs, who are responsible for #tinymail and the World’s Smallest Post Office also occasionally offer S.A.S.E. opportunities. Sign up for their newsletter and/or follow their Instagram.

MizLit will be offering a limited S.A.S.E request opportunity. Free tickets will be available from Eventbrite. Once you “buy” the ticket, your spot will be reserved, and then you will receive an email with instructions for where to send your S.A.S.E.

M1 Shared Picture Mail Snap your outgoing or incoming mail to share it with us … in the forum, the Members Group, IG, Twitter — pair with S2 to earn two squares!

M2 Sent a Homemade Postcard Several of our members make outstanding postcards, so hopefully they will chime in with some tips and tricks. There are many ways to complete this square. Upload a photo to a service like Touchnote or Postcardly, print your own on heavy cardstock at home, or cut a postcard shape out of heavier weight paper and decorate it are just some of the ways to create postcards. If you’re concerned that you masterpiece might not make it through the mail intact, you can pop it in an envelope (a homemade one?). A homemade postcard in an envelope still counts as making your own postcard.

M3 Tried Letter Locking As mentioned previously, Letter Locking was often paired with wax to ensure the letter reached its intended recipient unopened. In essence, Letter Locking is a more intricate version of what many of us know as the way we folded the notes tossed into friend’s lockers or surreptitiously slid onto desks. The one difference is that a locked letter, once opened, the tampering would be obvious. You can do your own research to attempt to recreate a locked letter, or send a modernized version of folded paper.

M4 Sent a Poem or Quotation Poems or quotations make perfect letter tuck-ins — or you can send them on their own. Send a favorite or find something appropriate for your recipient’s interests.

M5 Sent a Mail Tag Mail Tags are tuck-ins that specifically list questions for your pen pal to answer. They can be designed for your partners to answer and send back to you; or just ask questions to help them start their response to you that’s part of a longer letter, or even challenges for them to complete. The tags themselves can be functional, short lists or more creative depending on you or your recipient’s tastes.

P1 Sent Away for a Special Postmark The USPS frequently uses a nationwide pictorial postmark. Specific post office locations can also offer special postmarks. Lucky for us, Collect Postmarks keeps an updated availability list. Location cancellations can add interest to holiday mail, like this list of Anti-Valentine’s postmarks or sending your cards to be remailed out of Loveland. Make sure to read the How To section to know how to garner your own special postmarks.
A list of Canada Post pictorial cancellations can be found here.

P2 Participate in a Mail Mission Members have already posted several ways to put positivity into the world via mail. Check this list and watch our media platforms for additional opportunities.
US Military membersCanadian Forces,  folks who have been nominated to be showered with letters, prisoners, elders, foster youth, hospitalized kids, Peace Corps members, long distance truck drivers are all people who would be happy to receive mail from you.

P3 Sent an Unusual Object Until recently, the L.W.A. offered pigeons that could be sent through the post unboxed. Rubber chickens. Pinatas. Beach balls. Flip Flops. This piece of cake. All meet the requirements to be mailed without any additional packaging as long as postage is appropriate. You may need to choose your postal clerk carefully. If you’re a bit shy, you can employ a service who mail coconuts.

P4 Hosted a Letter Writing Event Virtual or in person. Invite another like-minded mail aficionado to hangout and write with you and you’ve hosted a letter event! If you have a larger group in mind, consider these tips or send a message to any of the several writing groups on IG asking for suggestions about how to start. Snailmail people are the best people!

P5 Used a Fountain or Dip Pen If you don’t already have a fountain pen, consider an inexpensive purchase from this list or these recommendations. Dip pens or dip pen kits can also add to your letting writing options for minimal cost.

BONUS Apply for a Blue Castle Badge Castle in the Air is a magical shop located in Berkeley, California. Besides a love for creativity and whimsy, the shop also values written correspondence and good deeds. According to the requirements listed on their website: The Blue Castle Badge is awarded to those who have accomplished one or more of the following achievements:

  • They have sent a real, paper letter to Castle in the Air illustrated with some of their own artwork.
  • They have sent a real, paper letter to Castle in the Air telling us of a good deed they have performed.
  • They have been mentioned favorably here on the Castle in the Air blog.
    If you’re not feeling deserving for whatever reason, you can also nominate someone else to complete this task.


to all who are participating in the 2019 Month of Letters Challenge.

Just a quick note to thank you all for joining us from all corners of the world. It is great to see many people return, invite others and offer their help to the newbies.

Amazing news to share: over 100 people have signed up since January 19! We’ll be telling you more about it in the next few days.

It has been fun to watch the excitement, stationery and stamp collections build. Also, we have some wonderful members who have designed amazing stationery artwork, trackers and tools, and shared with the group. On behalf of all of us – THANK YOU!

There will be a DAILY MAIL CALL POST in the Facebook Group in which you can share your outgoing/incoming mail. Please remember to obscure addresses for privacy. If you are posting anything else on social media channels, please remember to use #LetterMo so we can find it.

Special shout out to all the Admins, Moderators, Editors and Ambassadors for all the time they volunteer to make ALL THE THINGS WORK. This wouldn’t happen without them and we’re ever so grateful! ❤


– The Letter Mo Team

Happy New Year Lettermo Members

2019 has arrived! Our Lettermo members are still writing, posting and creating great mail art! Please sign up on here on the site, if you would like to find a penpal to write! A month of letters, challenges you to write a letter everyday in February, and reply to each letter recieved! #lettermo2019

Members: We will rework the Forums for 2019, and are still in need of fresh buttons, banners and graphics.  Currently 2 moderators here,  trying to keep the site going! Check FB and IG for more instant gratification!
You can find our page on FB and our private group for members. Follow us on Twitter or Instagram and show us your letters/mail in February! #lettermo #monthofletters

Summer Heat Catch-up and Thank You Letters to Firefighters

During Summer, Lettermo member activity slows a bit. We are still replying to pen pals we correspond with, but downtime is a good letter writing practice. This recharge allows for activity, life, events, happenings to transpire so that you have something great to write about or reference in your letter. Remember a fast response time, is not always necessary when you write pen pals, that you’ve bonded with in previous transmissions. It makes the long awaited reply, that much sweeter! As you get to know someone through a letter, you may wonder about how life for them has changed or altered, so writing back too quickly can mean short letters, without new topics or much to say in return. Let the sun, the outdoors, nature and family/friends recharge you!

Sun Art at Pinks Patio – Photo by Cooksterz

Of course, in today’s news climate,  a few months could mean dozens or hundreds of world events, disasters, or “extinctions” taking place, that are affecting humanity and our planet!  The Heat has really taken a toll on us Americans! I am in the deep South and  can say I am very used to  extreme heat.  A week of 110+ heat indexes in a very old house, an older Jeep with no AC, was something to bear, even for a seasoned southerner! ( My heat-bearing advice:  “Head and Feet” keep them cool! Carry water and worship the shade!)  My poor walking postal carrier deserves a big thank you and an Ice Cold Lemonade! Letters that are arriving through my mail slot, arrive pre-heated!  I saw several people go down while out in the city this last month.  Life saving First Responders, SAFD, EMS and Fire Department calls for heat related incidents were at an all time high here in South Texas.  Hydration and Preparation can save your Life!

FIREFIGHTERS, EMS, FIRST RESPONDERS: They all deserve un-ending accolades and thank yous!  They save Lives. They dont sit in the truck in the AC,  and observe and report! They put on that gear, deal with the issue, and are warriors that selflessly risk their own lives, and in some cases part of their Soul,  to save people and property. They deserve Thank you Letters!  According to this Fire Rescue Article, they really appreciate them too:

A life was lost, although the Grace of the SAFD First Responders remains, sadly a year later, the church burned down too. – Photos by Cooksterz Littlefield

The Carr Fire, near Redding, California is a tragic and extreme example of how our Firefighters and EMS are the real heroes and leaders of our nation.  See this Twitter Hashtag for recent updates/photos/videos/maps/news:  They photos are stunning and the stories so heartwrenching! A Month of Letters is asking ALL MEMBERS to THANK A FIREFIGHTER with a letter or note this August!  #letterstofirefighters #thankyouletters tofirefighters #thankyoufirstresponders
See the Forum Post  or our FB/TW/IG posts for more . Share a story about how Firefighters  in your town, state or country go above and beyond!   Send a thank you note, to your local firehouse, or to one handling the Carr Fire, or nearby Pacific NW areas affected by these devastating wildfires… Does your local firehouse need more thank you letters and notes? Tell us! Use #letterstofirefighters so we can see too!!

THANK A FIREFIGHTER #letterstofirefighters  Thank you letters, postcards, notes, or even an in-person or  monetary thank you.

Addresses: – updated as we progress


CAL Fire / Sacramento Headquarters

1416 9th Street  -or- PO Box 944246

Sacramento, CA 94244-2460



City of Redding Fire Department
P. O. Box 496071
Redding, CA 96049-6071

3. CAL Fire – and on Twitter:

Other Fire Departments in cities affected by Recent Wildfires:

Firefighter Resources:

  • USPS First Responders Stamp Release! :
    US Postal Stamp Honoring First Responders

    Lets get to Making some “Firefighter/First Responder” Mail Art and most importantly, Let us Give Thanks to the best of Humanity, in Written form!  #letterstofirefighters

    Are you just starting at and want to find penpals to write to? SIGN UP anytime!  Fill out your profile,  and head into the Forums INTRO section to say hello or read through Lettermo Member Intros!  Visit “Mail Call” to hear from others requesting mail and Add them as a Friend, to exchange addresses! 
    ~ Cooksterz Littlefield  

Lettermo Contest Winners

Our Lettermo March On Contest Winners

Winners were chosen from mail images and quotes, submitted by Members!  The judges voted on each entry images/quotes and a winner was determined by points! Thank you Everyone who continues to interact and share your great mail and letter images with us on Note to Winners , you will receive your prizes by mail, and be on the lookout for emails from Moderators, who will be packaging and sending prizes starting next week!

1st Place Winner:  Julienne P @goodjujubot   -You win a  Wax Seal Set, Pilot Metro Fountain Pen, 10 pack of Artists Postcards, An Apica Notebook, A Rhodia No18 notepad, and a Signed Book from Mary Robinette Kowal!!
2nd Place Winner: Chayah Nechama @bluesky  -You win a Pilot Pen Set, Misc.  Notepads and Stationery from Mary,  10 pack of Artists Postcards Set, and a Book of Forever Stamps!
3rd Place Random Draw: Simone P @hexentrio You win a Pilot Pen Pack,  A Rhodia No. 13 notepad and a Book of Forever Stamps!

March On

Whether you were a postal star and smashed our Month of Letters Challenge, or you felt fortunate enough to find a group of people who have a passion for paper mail, the LetterMo Postmasters would like to thank you for your participation in this year’s challenge! We especially appreciate all of the patience and support you’ve expressed for the maiden voyage of the new team. Thank you!

But wait! There’s more!

While the “mail at least one item through the post every day it runs” part of our challenge has come to an end, the second part of the challenge is still very much at hand: “answering everyone who wrote to you.”

It’s time to March On!

March On Lettermo Badge

What awaits you at the end of the March On rainbow, you might ask? Another excuse to write letters, of course!

In 2001, the USPS expanded their letterwriting week campaign to include the entire month of April. Various mail-centric blogs and entities have also taken up the call (such as Crane stationers, check back in April) as well as the folks over at Hallmark. We know that Write_On began gearing up for their April challenge in January. Watch their blog for fun mail items and connections to other folks offering content and enticements about letter writing.

Your LetterMo Postmasters aren’t going anywhere. We will continue to be active in our Facebook Communities, look after the forums, and like all your beautiful happy mail and artistic creations on Instagram, plus sharing all the fun and inspiring ideas we can find to help you keep your mailbox (and the mailboxes of others) happy.

LetterWriting Links: You’ll love these to keep March Mailboxes going!

Chronicle Books List of People to Write

Soldiers Angels thoughts on being supportive during National Card and Letter Month

A list of six ways to celebrate National Letter Writing Month from Paper Source