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LetterMo 2023 Wrap-up

Welcome to March, LetterMo-ians. We have crossed the date line into March. We hope you’ve had a rewarding experience writing and receiving post for the past month. If you are so inclined, we encourage you to March on, and keep in contact with you pen pals, new and old.

This website becomes a bit of a ghost town from mid-March until January. The website will be active and available to you during that stretch, however your industrious team of volunteer admins will be making improvements, and updates. This may cause minor disruptions to access to the site, but be confident we are working on it. Website Survey

In order to provide the best experience we can, we are asking 2023 LetterMo participants to give us feedback by way of a survey. Your answers will help volunteer admins know where to focus our energy.

The form has 13 questions in 5 sections, and should take about 10 minutes to complete.


Thank you to those of you who contributed to the GoFundMe campaign we ran to raise the funds to keep up and running for 2024.

I’m excited to say we reached our goal of $1,000, and a little beyond.

If you found LetterMo worthwhile, and still want to contribute, any additional funds we raise will be directed to the creator of LetterMo. She has generously been funding the website hosting and domain name despite turning over the care of the site to volunteer admins.

You can still donate here:

Keep Up and Running – Update

We wanted to take a moment to thank our wonderful volunteers and donors. With one week remaining in the month, we have nearly reached our GoFundMe goal of $1,000.

Thank you for those who have already donated to Keep Up and Running for 2024, your contribution is greatly appreciated.

The $1,000 goal post will let us keep the site going for 2024. If we are able to exceed this goal, we will be able to reimburse the founder of the site for part of the 2023 expenses, which was paid from their personal funds.

We are also excited to welcome more members to the Volunteer Admin team for 2024. Welcome!

If you’d like to get involved, see the “How do I help?” below. There is a link to the original post, which contains more detailed information, at the bottom of this post.

So, how do I help?

You’re Invited – Virtual Social and Write-In

Make your writing public!

LetterMo is hosting a virtual letter writing social. We have a Zoom room dedicated to the Social and Write-in, and the Volunteer Admin Team will be hosting in the room twice on the weekend of Saturday Feb 25 – Sunday Feb 26 (depending on your timezone).

If the larger online meet-up doesn’t work for you, we encourage LetterMoians to coordinate with letter writers local to them, invite friends and family to join in a real location, coordinate an online hangout with your favorite pen-pal, or simply take your letter writing to a public place.

Full invitation with passcode to enter the Zoom room can be found at these Members Only sites:

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A Message from Your Admins re: the future of

Open envelope with a letter inside

We like getting letters. We like sending letters. And we really like the community here on

And, we bet that if you found yourself here, you like doing those things, too.

But here’s the thing, maintaining the website is not without cost. Both in time and actual, fiscal cost.

And so we, the current Admins of LetterMo, are considering what the future of this fine project looks like, and what kind of help we need to get there.

TL;DR: In order to keep the site alive, we need support in both time and money. If we don’t get the support, LetterMo may continue, but in a different, yet to be determined, format.

(jump to So, How do I Help?)

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Contribute to a Collaborative Blog Post

Want to contribute, but don’t want to commit to an entire blog post? This year we will be doing Collaborative Blog Posts (why yes, that’s a thing I just came up with).

I’ve come up with some prompts around LetterMo. The idea is that participants can pick one or more prompt, and answer it. We’ll take everyone’s contributions and compile them into a blog post.

Have a different idea, or more to say? Check out the Blog Post Idea form.


Prompt Submit By 12pm GMT:
What tip or trick to you have for those new to writing letters? Jan. 31
Tell us about your first pen pal. Feb. 3
Cursive, print, or typed? Why? Feb. 5
Tell us about the pen pal who is farthest away from you, geographically. Feb. 8
Where is your favorite place to write letters? To read them? Feb. 11
Tell us about a letter you received / sent that has special meaning to you. Feb. 13
How do you personalize your letters? Feb. 16
Describe your ideal pen pal. Feb. 18
Why do you write letters or postcards? Feb. 21
What is the most interesting thing you’ve received/ sent via the mail? Feb. 23
What stories have you seen / read / heard that include letter-writing as an essential part of the plot or style? Feb. 25

You can submit your contributions via the Collaborative Blog Post Form

LetterMo 2023 Orientation

Welcome, or welcome back, to LetterMo 2023. There is a lot going on here on the Month of Letters site, as well as the related Facebook groups, I thought I’d create a handy Orientation. This is an overview of how you can engage with this site, with links to more information on any given topic.

Top Bar Menu

While some of the features on the site are open to the public, many of the more interactive features require you to be logged in. These included the forums, participants and downloadable resources. If you are not logged as a participant, selecting these links will direct you back to the main site.

Forums: There are several discussion boards with various threads. This is where you can engage with fellow participants, through introductions and other topics. The best place to start?

About the Challenge: A bit about the history of LetterMo, and it’s goals.

FAQ: Answers to 25 common questions about LetterMo.

Blog / Journal: Blogs, Articles and Journal Entries by Lettermo Contributors (If you’d like to contribute, check out this post.)

Participants: This page has a few options. One shows you all current members of the site. One shows you all the folks you’ve created friendships with. The last allows you to search for members, by name, user name, country, or keywords in participants’ bios.

Resources: A few resources, including list of national post services, and mail missions – organizations where you can send letters for specific groups, like deployed military.

Profile: Available once you’ve logged in. The URL will be You can access it from the top menu bar, or in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Screen capture of profile menu - Activity | Profile | Notifications | Friends | Forums | Settings
Screen capture of the Profile Menu options.
  • Activity – Post an update, view your activity from the site, mentions, favorites, and friends’ activities.
  • Profile – View or edit your profile, change your profile picture or update your status.
  • Letters –
  • Notifications – Where you can find friend requests, and other information from the site.
  • Friends -A list of your friends, and folks requesting to be your friend.
  • Forums – A summary of your activity on the forums, including topics you started, replies you’ve made, and subscriptions
  • Settings – Update your password, what emails you’d like to recieve, and profile visibility.

Contact: Where you can find Month of Letters on the internet, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Lego man with map and compass

Hopefully this helps you find your way around the LetterMo website, and as always, if you still have questions, just ask.

Write a Blog Post for the LetterMo Page

Blog Post solicitation

Welcome to LetterMo 2023!

The LetterMo Admins are busy dusting off the site for the new year, and we want to include you!

One of the features on this site are the blog posts that provide inspiration, reviews, and people to write – a way to be engaged with everyone, not just and individual penpal.

We know the best ideas come from members of the community, that is, YOU.

Examples of possible posts

  • Review of a book or movie that incorporates letters as a main device or theme
  • Groups seeking letters for a cause – deployed military, hospital patients, etc.
  • Discussion of your favorite writing implements
  • Ideas to make your letters stand out
  • A specific related event, celebration or date (Feb 7, 2023 is “Send a Card to a Friend Day”)
  • A challenge you’d like to pose to others, or that you have participated in

We’d love to hear from you – we even created a handy-dandy form you can uses to submit your ideas!

Welcome to A Month Of Letters 2021

Hello Letter Moians!

It’s finally February 1 and Day 1 of A Month of Letters Challenge. We would not be here without the hard work of the dedicated volunteer Admin team so a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to them!

You can still sign up to participate but please be aware there are real live humans who review and approve each registration to keep spam bots out of the site.

We are aware there is an email glitch and some people are getting notifications while some are not.

  • If you have registered up and haven’t received approval within 36 hours, try to log in with the information you registered with. 
    • If you still have problems or need to reset your password, contact via contact form or DM on Facebook. Again, there are real humans trying to help so please be kind and patient.

If you have not yet done so, please log in and head to members only forums and the Introduction thread and say hello! It is also a good time to check your profile settings – new members should be accepting penpal requests and please indicate when you write: in February only (but mindful of the LetterMo pledge, see below) or year round.

A quick reminder of LetterMo etiquette and pledge:

  • Those who request a friend should write first
  • Reply to every letter you receive even if it takes you past February and beyond.

If you want to share your happy mail, please apply to join our private Facebook Group A Month of Letters Challenge 2021 (you will need your username to apply; real humans check this) and post your outgoing/incoming mail in the Daily Mail Call or if you are on social media, tag #LetterMo2021 on Twitter @LetterMonth or Instagram @MonthOfLetters. Please cover up addresses of sender/recipient to respect everyone’s privacy.

Happy Letter Writing and Have Fun!

Stay safe and kind out there!

LetterMo Postmaster

Here’s some fun from LetterMo member Christy!

🎶 Letters will go out, tomorrow
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
there’ll be mail.
Just writing a friend, tomorrow,

with your own words, or words that you’ve borrowed, or share a tale.
When I’m stuck with a day, that’s gray and lonely
I just pick up a pen, write a friend and say:
The post’ll arrive, tomorrow
So just write back, day after tomorrow, to convey
You like mail
You make friends
You share things
and then send – your reply’s only a day away!

That’s a wrap

A heartfelt thank you to all of our members for making LetterMo 2019 a major success.

Our admins will be around, approving new member requests weekly — or as more often is the case this time of year — deleting spam accounts. We’ll also be clearing out inactive, older accounts to reduce the likelihood of spamsters with nefarious intents from gaining access via those accounts.

If you’ve signed up recently, please make sure you drop a hello on our 2019 Introduction thread. On the Postmaster end, your modest interaction within the forum makes it very easy for us to see who is engaging with our community.

We are always excited to hear when folks found great matches who intend to continue their correspondences throughout the year. We would like to remind you that any letter you received during February should be answered, no matter how long the interval between receipt and reply might be. Snail mail people, by virtue of their hobby, are patient folks.

We also remind our members that some folks intended to commit to the LetterMo Challenge only — meaning only answering mail generated in February.

If your original February letter was answered, but you sent a follow up in March or April, you might have to be a bit more patient — like February 2020. We understand that this confusion might be disappointing to some folks.

LetterMo Postmasters consider letters gifts, so we are simply thankful for what we receive and encourage our members to celebrate whatever mailbox bounty they collected this year.

If you are hoping to find additional pen pals who are eager to write currently, check with the various resources shared within our 2019 Forum and/or Facebook group.

Lettermo Contest Winners

Our Lettermo March On Contest Winners

Winners were chosen from mail images and quotes, submitted by Members!  The judges voted on each entry images/quotes and a winner was determined by points! Thank you Everyone who continues to interact and share your great mail and letter images with us on Note to Winners , you will receive your prizes by mail, and be on the lookout for emails from Moderators, who will be packaging and sending prizes starting next week!

1st Place Winner:  Julienne P @goodjujubot   -You win a  Wax Seal Set, Pilot Metro Fountain Pen, 10 pack of Artists Postcards, An Apica Notebook, A Rhodia No18 notepad, and a Signed Book from Mary Robinette Kowal!!
2nd Place Winner: Chayah Nechama @bluesky  -You win a Pilot Pen Set, Misc.  Notepads and Stationery from Mary,  10 pack of Artists Postcards Set, and a Book of Forever Stamps!
3rd Place Random Draw: Simone P @hexentrio You win a Pilot Pen Pack,  A Rhodia No. 13 notepad and a Book of Forever Stamps!