a new friend

I mailed an austen style letter to a Lettermo person I have never spoken to…a complete Stranger!!! 🙂 I hope she enjoys it!

I also sent another postcrossing card

Today I wrote and mailed two letters. One I sent Austen style, more or less; it was written with a fountain pen, folded, and sealed with J. Herbin supple sealing wax. I would send them ALL Austen style, but I’m doing test runs to see how they go over with the USPS. (Just in case.)

Valentine’s Thank you

Today I sent a thank you card disguised as a Valentine’s Day card. (A cute freebie I printed off the internet.) I got out my calligraphy pen and tried to write it Jane Austin style. (My calligraphy is not too great.) The envelope was sealed with red wax in a star shape. (My hubby gave me a wax sealing kit for Christmas.)

Austen all the way

A notecard with a Jane Austen illustration witten with a dip pen with in color called “Jane Austen” and sealed with green wax.

I sent a post card to China via the Post crossing site and a regency letter, with quill and ink to Mrs. W in Virginia.

I wrote a long letter to the netherlands and mail it out today as well!

I mailed a folded Regency-style letter sealed with wax to my friend, requesting advice on a gown I’m sewing.