2 letters

2 letters going out to pen pals! One to down state, and the other to Canada


  1. One to a college prof…I have been out of college for 22yrs!
  2. Two to old college roommates
  3. One to my babies kindergarten teacher
  4. One to a fitbit buddy
  5. One to a kid serving time…
  6. One to a girl I used to work with

All 7 will be shocked?

Posted 1 birthday card and 1 letter to Girls love mail!!

Today I sent out handmade postcards to a friend that is ill, a new friend in Australia, and old friends across the U.S.

Card to Mary

Day 2: 4 items

2 Postcrossing cards, to Poland & Russian Federation
1 Postpals postcard to my pal Zech, a cute kid I write to fortnightly
1 letter to a UK penpal (that reply had been waiting to be written for weeks!)

I was saving the excitement of trying out the vintage mid-century rolling blotter I got from France via Etsy for the first day of LetterMo. It did not disappoint. The blotting papers are about sixty years old and they work beautifully. I love think about quels mots d’amour it may have blotted before…

Mailed overdue Christmas presents to sister and friend.