last lettermo mailing!

Eleven postcards and one large envelope with long letter and a zine. Got them hand-cancelled at the local postal outlet and the clerks got a good chuckle from the profusion of vintage small-denomination stamps.

A letter to a sick friend. also a postcard to a penpal

Today I wrote and mailed a letter to a penpal in Germany.

I also gave 3 postcards (1 to Canada, 1 to Czech Republic, and 1 to Ukraine) to a friend to be hand canceled at a new post office. The postcards were from a Postcrossing mini-meetup I attended on Sunday (the 31st).

1 birthday cards, ! spot of mail reply I owed, International, reply to Fiji to a penpal, Valentine to my daughter, we used to write in a back and send it back and forth and I missed that. Sent a letter to an marine, hand cancelled card because it was too bulky. You can see the post for my Day 2 mail here

2 handmade envelope orders, 1 short note

9 items!!

What a way to start lettermo! 2 packages, one a birthday package. 6 letters (3 of them international, and all valentines) and 1 postcard.

I sent in total of 16 pieces of mail and posted in a new letter box and had a great time looking around at the surroundings and what was there. You can see my post for the day here

3postcards – two to myself while on holiday and one to a penfriend in New Zealand. love writing to myself as I remember cool stuff I did on holiday!

LEP mail