Feb 1 2022

I sent three pieces of mail today!

  • A letter to a new pen pal in Texas
  • A Postcrossing card to Germany
  • A Postcrossing card to Lithuania

feb 4th

sent a postcard to Russia, USA, Germany & the Netherlands. I feel good being back to writing postcards again 🙂

Feb 3rd

sent a postcard to Uk, Belarus & Czech Republic.

february 2nd 2021

sent 2 post crossing cards to Germany & Russia. Not very productive yet but better than yesterday 🙂


a post crossing card to Finland 🙂

Feb. 29: The Last Day!

Yesterday was the final day of LetterMo. I had hoped to send a lot more for the grand finale, but life got in the way. I did manage to get out two pieces of mail:

  • A letter in response to a card from a LetterMo participant (and longtime penpal) in Texas. I decorated the envelope a bit, but didn’t have time for the more elaborate MailArt I would have liked to send.
  • Postcrossing card to a Postcrosser in Germany. He likes trains and he likes historic old cards, so I sent him an interesting vintage photo of trains being moved to a new location for the Virginia Transportation Museum in Roanoke, Virginia, after a disastrous flood. Here is the photo:

Feb. 28: Postcards to the World

Wow, the Month of Letters challenge is almost over for 2020!

I meant to mail some actual penpal-type letters on Friday, February 28, but we had some drama at home concerning my son’s desperate rush to complete an English assignment that absolutely, positively had to get submitted online to the teacher — and that required a lot of parental hand-holding and I.T. support.

But I did manage, somehow, to mail three Postcrossing postcards nonetheless.

To Istanbul, Turkey: a very cool card I bought from fabric artist Jamie Langhoff, showing an appliqued and embroidered scene of the Washington Monument with Fourth of July fireworks blossoming in the night sky around it.  (For some reason this photo did not copy to this page with the others; but you can see it on my blog post here):

Month of Letters, Day 28

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is us6568077-israel-rehovot-kanyagi-roehl-dress-stony-river-old-iliamna-anchorage-museum-1.jpg

To Rehovot, Israel: a photo of a red, beaded, and fur-lined early 20th century dress made of caribou hide, wool, and shells. The dress is an artifact from one of the Alaskan Indian cultures.

To Minsk, Belarus: a night scene in New York City, showing Midtown Manhattan skyscrapers in a gorgeous blue light.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is us6568078-belarus-minsk-web-midtown-manhattan-at-night.jpg
And now there is only one more day left in the Month of Letters. But I suspect I’ll be responding to late-arriving LetterMo mail well into March. And that’s a good thing.

Feb. 27 – Boston and St. Petersburg

Two outgoing letters today:

  • To St. Petersburg, Russia, I sent a Postcrossing card that’s a reproduction of a 1937 photo of a schoolroom for immigrant children detained at Ellis Island.
  • To the Boston, Massachusetts, area, I sent a long letter to a pen pal, in response to her latest letter to me. She is a LetterMo participant too, and this makes my second LetterMo letter to her this month. So nice to have an excuse to keep up with pen pals!

Only two more days!


Here is my blog post about today’s outgoing mail:

Month of Letters, Day 27


Feb. 26 – A Letter & 3 Postcrossing Cards

Yesterday was Wednesday, February 26. As the Month of Letters winds down, I am still doing my best to mail something every day. Or four somethings, three of which were Postcrossing cards :

  • To Alabama, a reply to a LetterMo letter.
  • To Moscow, Russia, a  card to Postcrossers Dina and Ilya, a Russian couple with an interest in U.S. history, a Civil War Virginia postcard of a battle reenactment.
  • To a Clifton, New Jersey Postcrosser who collects state map cards, a postcard with a map of Virginia.
  • To Austria, a Postcrossing card that’s a reproduction of vintage botanical prints from France showing many flowers.

And I posted them from a mailbox in my neighborhood that I had never noticed before.


My blog has more details:

Month of Letters, Day 26