Feb. 26 – A Letter & 3 Postcrossing Cards

Yesterday was Wednesday, February 26. As the Month of Letters winds down, I am still doing my best to mail something every day. Or four somethings, three of which were Postcrossing cards :

  • To Alabama, a reply to a LetterMo letter.
  • To Moscow, Russia, a  card to Postcrossers Dina and Ilya, a Russian couple with an interest in U.S. history, a Civil War Virginia postcard of a battle reenactment.
  • To a Clifton, New Jersey Postcrosser who collects state map cards, a postcard with a map of Virginia.
  • To Austria, a Postcrossing card that’s a reproduction of vintage botanical prints from France showing many flowers.

And I posted them from a mailbox in my neighborhood that I had never noticed before.


My blog has more details:

Month of Letters, Day 26

Feb. 22 – A Letter to New England

I was away over the weekend. I did send mail, but didn’t have a computer with me, so I’m late updating the site.

On Saturday, February 22, I sent a letter to a LetterMo participant in New Hampshire, who just happens to live quite close to my sister. And I mailed it from a new spot, a box in a student dining hall at James Madison University, while waiting for my son’s turn to audition for All-State Orchestra.


Feb. 21 – Two Letters Today

I wrote and mailed two letters today.

One went to a LetterMo correspondent in Florida.

The other was a letter to my dad, in California. He was injured in a fall recently and the forced inactivity for a few weeks is boring him to tears; I hope a letter will offer a small diversion.


Feb. 17 – New Pen Pal

On Feb. 17 I mailed a letter to a new pen pal, here in the U.S. And I even found another new mailbox!

Feb. 15 – Postcard to Germany

On Saturday, Feb. 15, I mailed a Postcrossing card to Germany. It had an illustration of historic sites in the Charlottesville, Virginia, area.


Feb. 14 – Long Letter to a Pen Pal

I sent just one piece of mail today, but it was a big one, a very long letter to a pen pal here in the U.S. who is also participating in LetterMo.

I wrote it sitting in a cafe under a mural of a Greek island, while longing for warmer weather. The card had a beach scene, which you can see on my blog:

Month of Letters, Day 14





Feb. 13 – Just One Postcard Today

I had trouble finding any free time at all today, but I did manage to squeeze in one Postcard written and mailed. The card showed a “Virginia Is For Lovers” highway sign. The card went to a Postcrosser in Kansas City, Kansas.

My blog has a photo:

Month of Letters, Day 13



Feb. 11 – Three Cards and Letters to Family

Today I sent three cards and letters, all of them to family members:

  • A Valentine’s Day card to my mother in Williamsburg, Virginia.
  • A Get Well Soon card to my father in northern California.
  • A birthday card and letter to my older sister, also in northern California. (Actually, at the moment we are the same age, but she will be older again on her birthday next week. We were born in February and December of the same year, so we’re twins for ten months of each year!) The card shows the 1902 Klimt painting Portrait of Emilie Floge.

Here is a link to my blog post, in case you want to see that Klimt painting:

Month of Letters, Day 11