2 sent, 1 local (UK), and 2 half written as i’m trying to get ahead cos i wont have time to write on saturday….

Our military servicemen and servicewomen need mail! What better time than Valentine month! I made sure to provide a little “eye candy” as I call it. A belly band made from beautiful paper, Calligraphy, washi and some rubber stamping.

I’ve always wanted to write a letter to a soldier and I wrote one today. It was so touching going through the AnySoldier.com website.

A Valentine’s package to one of my soldiers.

1 birthday cards, ! spot of mail reply I owed, International, reply to Fiji to a penpal, Valentine to my daughter, we used to write in a back and send it back and forth and I missed that. Sent a letter to an marine, hand cancelled card because it was too bulky. You can see the post for my Day 2 mail here http://bridgetlarsen.blogspot.com.au/2016/02/a-month-of-letters-day-2.html

2 items posted today – technically- I posted one item yesterday but it would only have been collected today since it was posted after 6pm.
One letter was sent to Turkey, the other to Germany

letter to an old friend currently serving overseas. Much discussion of the state of US politics and also Star Wars.

I sent in total of 16 pieces of mail and posted in a new letter box and had a great time looking around at the surroundings and what was there. You can see my post for the day here http://bridgetlarsen.blogspot.com.au/2016/02/a-month-of-letters-today-is-day.html

Two boxes to Aussie troops overseas, one with a quilt, the other with food goodies.

1-letter to my uncle
1-letter to relative in the armed forces