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    ▪▪ Welcome to the 2018 Month of Letters Challenge ▪▪
    Welcome Statement for 2018 HERE – (in edit mode)

    Statement and Overall Descrip for the Year:

    Guidelines, Getting Started on Lettermo.com
    Log in, Complete your profile and Head to the Forums!
    Find Penpals,Interact and encourage eachother in the Forums! Once you are confirmed, and make your Introduction Post, You can request friendship with members, to see a full profile, with private mailing address and more details, then decide to exchange letters! “Please complete your own profile” and let us know if you need HELP Your profile should include your name and information regarding your level of interest! Other who you select as friends, can then see your address and detailed info, so you can do the most important part! Write Letters!!

    FORUMS: Topics and Categories

    Month of Letters 2018 – Main Forum
    Introductions for 2018! – Say Hello and make an Introduction by replying withing this post: Introductions 2018

    Mail Call 2018: You can post public mail exchange links or lists,you can browse, for lists, other sites to find penpals, or post other calls for mail for a variety of causes!
    More features and off site suggestions, such as postcossing or InCoWriMo, are great resources, and those are also discussed within the Mail Call 2018 Forum Topic.

    Mail Talk 2018: General Talk, mail art shares and interesting letter, mail and even off-topic posts are in here! Share, discuss and connect!
    There are many ways to approach the experience of finding a pen pal here. We will be updating other site features for 2018, like interactive badges, challenges and media available to members! Be sure to Log In, for all features of the site! Enjoy the Forums and the Letters you will be sending and receiving!

    Challenges and Badges
    Updating and getting these operative for 2018

    Links, Reference/Resource and Contact:
    Stationery, Stamps, Calendar and Printables for Lettermo 2018 –
    See Post: http://lettermo.com/forums/topic/letter-month-stationery-stickers-planning-calendar-postcard/ Stationery, Stamps, Calendar, Postcard and Printables

    We have a great FB Community Page! We also have a less public Group, for Lettermo members only! Month of Letters Challenge FB Community

    Our Admins/Mods working hard to get Forums and Lettermo 2018 off to a good start. Our current site email (feedback,contact) and our user messages are inoperative for just a bit longer! We will address any feedback submissions, by checking daily. Until all features optimized,
    You can post a question in the Ask an Admin & Suggestion Box That will get you a reply from and Admin/Mod team member! Ask an Admin & Suggestion Box

    Thank you Members and remember that Writing and Sending Mail and Letters in February, is the essential driving force of the Month of Letters Challenge! Write-On!
    Letter Month 2018 The Month of Letters Challenge
    #lettermo2018 #lettermo lettermo.com

    "Get your Hand OFF that mouse, and write a letter!" ? But then use it to click over to G+ and see Letter Month Mail Art pics here: https://goo.gl/photos/jQuzB2o3QvjFKm8A7

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A simple challenge. In February, mail one item through the post every day it runs. #lettermo

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