Any Game of Thrones fans?

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    I have not seen this series but you may be aware that Royal Mail in the UK will be issuing stamps celebrating Game of Thrones later this January. I am not sure how many stamps I will be able to get my hands on, but perhaps others participants in the UK will be lucky too and can use these for postage (2 x 1st, plus 10p = 20g Worldwide airmail letter rate).

    Snail Mail addict.

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    Heather McKay

    I used my Christmas money to preorder a bunch.
    When OH asked “whadya get? About £20worth?” I was careful to reply with a non-committal grunt. 😉

    Anyone who wishes to exchange mail, please get in touch.
    If you would like yours sent with GOT, Star Wars, or Pink Floyd; lemme know!

    **Stamp choice is only available whilst I have them available, so get your orders in now!!**

    (I plan only to use these as postage to send; if you want to exchange for mint unused, i may possibly be persuaded)

    Tweet me @Crafty_Lass 🙂
    Please add your details to my address book at

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    I love GoT and I would love to get a GoT stamp on a letter <3

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    I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones! I just started watching it last summer and binge watched the entire series in about a month and a half haha. I love it.

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    Oriole Harris

    I don’t have HBO so never saw it but have read all the George Martin books. I also collect the embroidery work and costumes off Pintrest.

    Oriole Harris

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