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    Silly Silly FPGeeks!!.  They started something called InCoWriMo which is exactly what we are doing here.  And they call it their brain child. Gmpfh …. go tell them exactly what you think of them:





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    John Metta

    “Highjacking” is a bit strong and makes a lot of assumptions about their intentions and knowledge.

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    I think that no matter what it’s cool that there are going to be tons of letters flying around this February! If anything, another website will get more people into letter writing this month than just one website would, and some of those people might just continue to correspond all year round.

    Maybe this or next year there might be cross-pollination from the two events and we’ll have even more people to write to!

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    Frances K R

    Oh, Fountain Pen Geeks!  I ran across that site when I was looking up a horror RPG which was designed to be played by in-character hand-written correspondence, but I haven’t been there recently.

    …that once sentence probably says more about me than I initially thought.

    (Mostly what I think of them is “huh, convergent evolution. Neat.”)

    Love and coffee,

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