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    yay for the new 2016 forum!

    Just a reminder, I’m still looking for guest blog ideas, as mentioned here:

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    I THINK I sent you a message, but I haven’t done that often, so am not sure if it went through…

    I love writing letters to my family and friends, I blog about it at:

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    How would you like us to address you? Tempest? KT? Ms. Bradford? Madame (if we’re being all Jane Austenish)?

    I tried to send a private message when you first put out a call for blog volunteers. Once I sent it (well, I thought I sent it) my message popped back up, but without (as far as I could tell) one of those “your message was successfully sent!” reassurances I always like to see. I then sent an “I tried” non-private message asking that someone let me know if the first one hadn’t been received. To date I haven’t received a response to either, but of course my not-so-clever wording means that I don’t know if the first was received but my suggested topics still are being considered or there’s no interest in them, or if it wasn’t received and things have been too busy to allow time to let me know, or… Could you send a quick note to let me know either way?

    Apologies for my needing hand-holding through this; some interactive Web sites make it so easy for me to find my way around and track what I’ve done that I think, “Hah! I know what I’m doing, no problem!” Others, not so much. This is one of the latter — entirely my fault, the necessary steps to follow for messaging or, last year, logging my achievements, seem less intuitive and just haven’t become fully ingrained yet.

    Many thanks!

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