Happy New Year!

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    Happy new year!
    My new years resolution relates to letter writing, so I’ve dropped into the Lettermo site, and have seen a few people have also been dropping in. Hope everyone is well!
    Best wishes for 2017,

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    Hi Tegan. would you like to correspond? send your address to my gmail: [email protected] I wish this site was easier to get around in. I am planning on doing letter.mo in Feb.

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    Bridget Larsen

    Happy New year.

    Hello Janet, fancy seeing you here LOL

    My blog: http://bridgetlarsen.blogspot.com.au/

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    Yes indeed! A Happy New Year to everyone and look forward to seeing you next month!! 🙂

    On the English coast.
    Hoping to hear from creatively inclined people UK and Europe. See profile for other interests...

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    Happy New Year all xxx

    Heather - A Cross Stitch Crazy & letter writing Addict Living in NI .... Cant wait to hear from you 🙂
    Lets put pen to paper very soon!
    @xstitchchick -
    http://heathersstitchingstory.blogspot.co.uk/ -

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    One of my resolutions for this year is to do a lot more mail as I fell behind last year because of work commitments and it took me months to catch up! I’ve already got a few changes in place for 2017 to make life a wee bit easier so I have more time for much more important fun stuff….like gardening, painting and writing letters!

    Roll on February!!!

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    Bridget Larsen

    Happy New Year everyone,

    Hope you all had a wonderful 2016. I had a wonderful time 2016 and made many penpals and hope to make many new ones this year. Feel free to Lettermo me. I reply to all letters/postcards-just write Lettermo on it so I know where you’ve hailed from. I dont think I will try and do better than last year with over 300 mailings I did in February. I think I will just stick to replies and any new ones that come in hahaha. I just love writing. So who wants to write?

    My blog: http://bridgetlarsen.blogspot.com.au/

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    My resolution is to stop stressing myself so much so I hope that I get back to a routine of taking time for myself and letters/postcards. So 2017’s lettermo, here I come 🙂
    Gilian, the great thing about penpals is that their life is just as crazy as yours from time to time so no one will be mad at you for replying late. That’s what I experienced so far.

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    I agree with Diana! I’ve found everyone to be really understanding when I’ve fallen behind! (Thank you!)

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    🙂 happy 🙂 new 🙂 year 🙂
    may your year be filled with joy & laughter
    your pens and paper in easy access
    and the ‘brain space’ to write as much as you need to/ want to
    and may your letterboxes overflow with wonder-full mail

    happy lettermo


    essentials of life - love & laughter, good books & coffee, and chocolate & snail mail

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    Nicole Bondurant

    Happy New Year!

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