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    LaDell Christie

    I like reading horror and fantasy. DIY, I like to fix, things, put things together, make things when I get a chance. I like plants. And I am a cat lover. When I move to a bigger place I plan to get a dog. Learning almost anything. I crochet and I just learned to knit a little bit. I am very open minded. I am a mother and a grandmother. I am kind of a busy woman and a bit of a procrastinator lol on top of that absentminded so be patient with me. I will write you back. Not all that interested in emailing. I like getting stuff in the mail.
    I am soon to be 50 and I’m excited about it! I am on a journey of personal growth and wellness. I would like to befriend people that are doing something with their lives. Or at the very least are in the process of making things happen.
    Come grow with me or help me grow. Check out my profile and write if you like.

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    Gill Osborne

    Hello LaDell *waves*

    I’ll write a letter in the next few days.

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