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    Thank you LetterMo Crew! Having so much fun!

    I’d like to suggest a few additional achievements:

    -Buy beautiful stamps
    -Mail from a Post-Office

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    Lana Hayes

    Another idea would be host or attend a letter-writing social. That could be defined loosely, such as a couple of friends meeting at a coffee shop to write letters together (or do I mean simultaneously), or neighbors gathered around the kitchen table, etc.

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    how about mail a letter to a child? they are always so excited to get mail!

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    Keep them coming. We probably won’t be able to implement them this year, but can make plans for next.

    Mary Robinette Kowal

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    Write a Get Well Card. A congratulations letter (for someone who is graduation, wedding, expecting a baby etc). Send a post card.

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    Melissa Krueger

    What about a time capsule letter to yourself? 🙂

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    More Suggestions:

    –Thank your mailman!
    –Letter of Condolence
    –Send a Story
    –Handmade Mail/Crafty Mail/Maker-Mail

    I LOVE mail to a child! Second that one!

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    I second the “Handmade Mail” suggestion, as long as it includes envelopes; I tend to do my art play on the outside rather than the inside of my mailings (and sometimes spend more time there than I do on the letters).

    I like the “send a story” suggestion, too. Maybe a serial that goes out in installments throughout the month?

    Any kind of thank-you is worth encouraging, but letters to teachers/mentors who helped make us who we are today . . . something I wish I’d written when those people were still with us.

    Maybe along the lines of the additional points for visiting more and more new mailboxes, an end-of-the-month achievement for having replied to every item you received?

    Something I find difficult to do, and should do with greater frequency: writing advocacy letters to newspapers or politicians. Also, if I’ve been stewing about something I’ve said or done, or not said or not done when I should have, I usually think and think and think about writing an apology, but I often convince myself that I was just imagining the problem, or that I’d only make the situation worse. I should convince myself in the other direction more.

    Things I intended to do but didn’t before the month began: signs for the post offices in my area, with a pocket attached to hold li’l info cards about the Month of Letters for people to take. I did that in 2013, just didn’t get to it this year. I also thought of contacting librarians to tell them about the challenge and suggest that they post a flyer and put some letter-writing-related books out on display in weeks leading up to the MoL — collected letters, mail art, calligraphy how-to. The community/reading room in one library nearby has a looooovely large table which would be perfect for weekly letter-writing gatherings….

    If I can remember to keep track of any stats Mary shares with us (number of participants each year, number of items sent), next year I’ll send info to the editors of the living/leisure sections in the local papers in late December, maybe? (I have no idea how far in advance they plan their content.) And our wonderful public radio station could get the word out, too. Or would that be spreading the word too widely too fast?

    All right, better get back to the fountain pens, and gather things for the package, and compose the letter to my brother and sister-in-law in Australia, and reply to those two letters I received a few days ago. Enjoy the final week, everyone!

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