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    Ronda Stall

    Hi! Please introduce yourself- Say Hello here, and let everyone know a little about yourself. Lettermo is a great way to meet new friends that you can connect with year after year – Let’s make the Month of Letters 2018 Challenge fantastic!

    The Month of Letters 2018 officially begins 2.1.2018.
    We encourage members, send a piece of mail out everyday. You can find penpals here, or just send mail to friends and family, and share your story with others, taking part in the challenge! Read Welcome Section for previous articles, posts and blogs too!
    Check out our FB Community for interesting links and discussion! Month of Letters Challenge Community on FB Please use the hashtag #lettermo or #lettermo2018 when posting across any platform, so we can find and share it too! FB, IG, TW, G+

    Interact and encourage eachother in the Forums! Once you are confirmed, and make your Introduction Post, You can request friendship with members, to see their full profile, private mailing address and more information, and then decide on whether to become penpals! “Please complete your own profile” and let us know if you need help! Your profile should include your name and information regarding your level of interest! Others can add you as a friend and then see your address and you can connect that way too!
    Month of Letters 2018 – Main Forum
    Introductions, Guidelines, Reference and Resources
    (we are atill working on a set of Guidelines and some Resource/Reference Posts to place here!)
    Mail Call 2018: You can post public mail exchange links or lists,you can browse, for lists, other sites to find penpals, or post other calls for mail for a variety of causes!
    More features and off site suggestions, such as postcossing or InCoWriMo, are great resources, and those are also discussed within the Mail Call 2018 Forum Topic.
    Mail Talk 2018: General Talk, mail art shares and interesting and letter related topics are posted in here! Share, discuss and connect!
    There are many ways to approach the experience of finding a pen pal here. We will be updating other site features for 2018, like interactive badges, challenges and media available to members! Be sure to Log In, for all features of the site! Enjoy the Forums and the Letters you will be sending and receiving!


    Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company.
    -Lord Bryron

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    Greeting and Salutations!
    I am Ann Marie, aka Sequimster, and have been doing the challenge for a few years. I love buying stationary and cards at the thrift store or estate sales and write letters all year long.
    Sending and receiving snail mail is just a really lovely thing and I vow to keep at it, especially in this age of all tech all the time.


    ->Keep calm...and write a letter
    ->“More than kisses, letters mingle souls.” ― John Donne
    ->“How wonderful it is to be able to write someone a letter! To feel like conveying your thoughts to a person, to sit at your desk and pick up a pen, to put your thoughts into words like this is truly marvelous.”
    ― Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

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    Kalindi Sharma

    Hello Everyone,

    I could not be more glad to find so many of you getting ready for Lettermo 2018, I am one of those people who wait for opportunities to write letters to people, the whole year. This would be my third year with Lettermo and I am excited about it.
    I am an Anthropologist (cultural) and an assistant professor by profession and I love buying pretty notebooks but I have the first page anxiety. I am also an artist and a paper-crafter, but I do not believe in restricting my mediums so I love working with wood, paper, fabric, and many other resources. I would love to write to people and also would love to have art and craft swaps. But, I would not want to restrict myself to artists, and crafters only rather I would love to interact with everyone.

    You could leave your address at

    you could also check some of my work at

    P.S. I love tucking in paper art goodies in the envelopes so if you’d like that and people are willing to exchange that then it would be amazing.

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    Hi everyone!

    This is my first Lettermo and I’m pretty excited!

    I love paper stationery (Paper Source is one of my favorite stores) and writing to others. I had pen pals before a long time ago but I loved writing to them. I’m looking forward to meeting new friends!

    I’m a married mom of 3. I work outside of the home. But I adore reading, writing/journaling, British period drama (in print and on television), and Star Trek. I have been a fan of Disney animation and Belle will always be my favorite. Finally, a girl who reads! I’m attempting to learn Esperanto this year and one day I’ll finally be fluent in Hindi. My goal is to watch a Bollywood movie subtitle free. I love Bollywood. Overall I’m pretty eclectic.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Here I am on Postable:

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    Hello everyone! I missed the lettermo challenge the past couple of years but I am happy to be back. I am from the island of Malta and love sending and receiving mail and I’m also a postcrosser. I look forward to this year’s challenge 🙂

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      Welcome back. Been thinking about you of late! Are you still at the same address? 20A….?

      Snail Mail addict.

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      Hello everyone! I missed the lettermo challenge the past couple of years but I am happy to be back. I am from the island of Malta and love sending and receiving mail and I’m also a postcrosser. I look forward to this year’s challenge 🙂

      Hello my dear friend,
      so great to have you back in this year’s challenge.
      You remember that we met exactly 5 years ago, here on Lettermo?
      Big hug, Simone

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    Welcome back. Been thinking about you of late! Are you still at the same address? 20A….?

    Yes same address. Thanks 🙂

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    Btw this is my postable:

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    wendy Brooks

    Hi there. I’ve been a lurker over the last few days and decided to introduce myself today. My name is Wendy and this will be my second year doing Letters of The Month. I’m an eclectic soul. I cross stitch, love geeky things and an avid reader. I also love vintage things. If it wasn’t for certain modern conveniences, I’d almost swear I was born in the wrong time. Anyway Im looking forward to another year of letters.

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    Hello, pleased to be back again this year. Its been a hectic year for me but I look forward to sitting down with a cup of tea and reading and writing some letters.

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    Hello everyone. I’m Margaret from south-east England and this will be my second year of doing A Month of Letters Challenge.
    It’s been an interesting 12 months and I’m looking forward to meeting up with some old friends from last year as well as making new ones.
    I am 61, enjoy cross stitch, reading, writing letters and genealogy.

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    Hello everybody,
    my name is Simone, I’m from Germany.
    I joined lettermo a few years ago, did the challenge in 2013 and 2014 (as far as I remember :), but haven’t been active since then.
    This year, I would love to take the challenge again.
    I’m (still) 49, mother of 2 girls of 13 and 16, love postcrossing, writing and collecting postcards, reading, traveling.
    I volunteer for Lupus Foundation Germany and Lupus Europe as I have lupus myself, as well as for a regional organisation for rare diseases.
    If you want to get mail from me, I would be happy to find your address in my address book on
    I speak French, too, and I currently study Spanish (lettermo would certainly a good occasion to improve my poor Spanish *lol*, if there are some Spanish speakers.
    Looking forward to writing to you <3
    Hugs from Germany

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      Hi Simone,

      LupusUK wants used postage stamps and stuff to sell on to raise money. Do you know if your Lupus Foundation, or the rare diseases organisation also wants used stamps to sell on as a way of raising money?

      Snail Mail addict.

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    Hi Simone,

    LupusUK wants used postage stamps and stuff to sell on to raise money. Do you know if your Lupus Foundation, or the rare diseases organisation also wants used stamps to sell on as a way of raising money?

    Hi Mia,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I know that Lupus UK collect used stamps. We don’t in Germany.
    Hugs, Simone

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    Hi! Please introduce yourself- Say Hello here, and let everyone know a little about yourself. Lettermo is a great way to meet new friends that you can connect with year after year – Let’s make the Month of Letters 2018 Challenge fantastic!

    Hello from Germany,
    Some friends of mine registered but received no confirmation e-mail.
    Can you help?
    Thank you!

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    Hello! Yayy!! Good to be back!
    I couldn’t log on here for a while – or even reregister… However here I am…
    Looking forward to next month and connecting and reconnecting with fellow letter writers.
    I have just got some sparkly pink ink! 🙂

    Elizabeth, on the South coast of England.
    Welcome creative letter writers from UK and Europe.
    Mail Art? Paper stationery swap?

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    Hi! Looking forward my third LetterMo! Wow! i can’t believe how time just flies… I’m 41, SAHM (married/new mother), recent US citizen (originally from Germany) two cats…likes – writing, reading, my garden, swapping, creative things etc … my postable:
    -Nothing better than a letter.

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    Hello to all of you! I am so happy to join you in this challenge again this year. I took part in 2012, 2013 and 2014, but kind of skipped the other years due to so much work.
    I love penpalling and have been in contact with some friends since our teenager times. Now I am 42 years, married, mother to a 19 year-old son and a 9-month and girl. Yeah, I started from the very beginning!😄
    I am a midwife, work with refuged families and love my work that is more than just a profession, but a passion to me.
    I like writing, movies, reading, languages, mailart, Graphic Novels, cooking and travelling etc.
    I welcome new penpals and would love to get back in touch with some old friends I made here during the last years!

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    Heather McKay

    I’m Heather, back for my fourth(?) LetterMo.
    As a lover of all things papery & posty, I’m up for any excuse to send a letter.

    *Postage Stamps are my drug of choice*

    My letters tend to be long and chatty, so if you are looking for rambling writers to correspond with; hit me up!!
    I also do postcards if you prefer short’n’sweet.

    I work as a cook in a large primary school, and am a 41y.o. mum of 2. My interests include mail art and papercrafts, reading, history, cooking, music, movies, horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. I’d love to hear from you!!

    Tweet me @Crafty_Lass 🙂
    Please add your details to my address book at

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    Hi… Excited about LetterMo, just shocked it’s here again. Decided to wipe my friend list clean out and re-write my bio. Both were aging.

    I’m kind of a free-form / free-thought writer. A little ADD & Dyslexia can make for a fun letter.

    Would totally dig a letter or two, just to say “Hello” OR if you’re brave, give you my thoughts on pretty much any topic. Psychology to Bugs to What might dirt just taste like from Lake City Colorado….
    Glad to be back!

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      Oriole Harris

      Hi Dave,
      I will be writing to you again. Maybe you are right in wiping the friends list. Seems half mine are no longer doing it. I will wait and see.

      Oriole Harris

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    Hello everyone,

    my name is Fabi. I am 30 years old and from Germany.

    It is my first time taking part in Lettermo and I am really excited.

    My hobbies are writing long letters, meeting friends, traveling and concerts. I also love taking photos.

    If you want to get mail from me feel free to add your address to my postable:

    I hope we will have a lot of fun here.

    Greetings from Germany

    PS. I speak English, German, a bit of Spanish and a bit of French.

    My postable =

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    Hello! This is my second time participating in LetMo, and I’m glad to be back. I enjoy writing because it soothes me, provides an excuse to spend money on stamps, pens, stationery and allows me to to procrastinate from my domestic diva responsibilities.

    I am a member of Letter Writers Alliance (LWA), Post Crossing and will occasionally respond to a bundle request from The World Needs More Love Letters (TWNMLL).

    I work as an ELL Tutor at an all women’s university and I love interacting with the students, via our sessions or with chocolate candy and French Vanilla Cappuccino. They make my work day brighter with our conversations and laughter.

    I love all things stationery. I enjoy hanging out at my local stationery stores, Paper Source and Broadway Paper.

    When I’m not writing, I read, visit book stores (small, neighborhood book stores are better) and coffee shops. I enjoy traveling, but don’t do it much. My last trips were to Peru and the Dominican Republic, but I am able to “travel” via Post Crossing. I enjoy summer concerts/festivals, movies, and outings with friends. I am a self-proclaimed “mall rat.”

    I promise if you write me, I will write back!

    Toodles my noodles,


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    Hey there everyone!

    This is my first ever LetterMo and I’m very excited! 🙂

    A little bit about me:
    My name is Maria and I’m 30 years old living in a town near Pittsburgh, PA. Not married and I don’t have any kids but I do have a very sweet diabetic foster cat that I’ve been looking after.

    I’ll exchange mail with anyone so I would love to hear from you all. I enjoy having regular pen pals as well as people to swap snacks and crafts/art with.

    Some other favorite things: animals, gardening, baking, journaling, being outside, hiking/geocaching, photography, traveling, cooking/baking, video games on my ps4, reading, true crime, psychology, nutrition, podcasts, artsy craftsy things (watercolor, jewelry making, wood burning, knitting, etc.), good tv shows and movies, antiques/thrift stores

    I’m an INFJ if you’re into that sort of thing. I think I’m adventurous and friendly.. I’m also outspoken and have a sarcastic, weird sense of humor.

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    Oriole Harris

    Hi this will be my third LetterMo and I am so glad it will continue. If you want to write me please go to my profile page. Many of the folks I wrote to last year never wrote back and I’m not sure they are still partitioning.

    Oriole Harris

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    Hi! I’m Alexandra. This is my first LetterMo and I am really excited for it.

    I love maths and history and therefore anything to do with either of those. For example I love anything about a history museum or the history of a certain place. I’m currently studying maths, history and politics which I really love.
    I really love reading. I love anything from historical fiction to fantasy and sci-fi. My favourite authors are J.R.R.Tolkein, J.K.Rowling, and C.S.Lewis. I also love recieving postcards and love finding out about other places, what it’s like to live there, the culture, the food, the tradition etc. I also love literary postcards and historical or vintage postcards.
    I am a bit of a stationery addict and I absolutely love tea! It plays a major role in my life and I drink far too much of it. I love finding new flavours to drink. I also love ones in nice packets with strings which have nice tags on. I keep all of the little tags in a notebook with notes on which are my favourite. I also love recieving handwritten letters from other people telling me about something they found interesting. I find it really interesting to read what is essentially the written version of someone’s voice.

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    Carl E. Hollomon

    Hello All! Very excited to be a part of this in 2018. It is my first year doing this.

    I’m a Finance / IT professional living in North Carolina. I love reading, writing, symphony concerts, plays, fountain pens, cooking, cigars, and talking about anything!

    I think this will be great.

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    Just saying a quick “Hello” from the public library. It’s where I come to look at the internet, and sometimes at work (shhh!)… So a bit limited in time…
    Glad to see increasing activity as we get nearer next month…
    I have a load of stamps and stationery ready 🙂
    Look forward to catching up later.

    Elizabeth, on the South coast of England.
    Welcome creative letter writers from UK and Europe.
    Mail Art? Paper stationery swap?

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    Hello. I’m glad to be back here for my fifth LetterMo. I have made some wonderful friends here who I write to throughout the year and some just catch up once a year for LetterMo.

    I’m from Australia and welcome pals from anywhere in the world. Near or far whether it be for long newsy letters or just to exchange stickers, tea and so on.

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    Stompee Pendleton

    I am Stompee. I have always loved snail mail. I had many pen friends when I was in school. I have participated in postcrossing for about 4 years. I play roller derby my derby name is Harmony Hellmouth named after my favorite television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I also hula hoop when I can.
    I am a docent at the local Historical Society and am also on the Board of Directors. It is a fun and interesting place. When I have time I work on my genealogy, and I also have a genealogy group that meets every other month at a local college to discuss various topics. I also enjoy visiting cemeteries and learning the history of the residents.
    I saw both lettermo and incowrimo on instagram last year right in the middle of February and felt disappointed that I missed out and I have been waiting on this year to roll around. Meanwhile I joined the Letter Writers Alliance and here I am. I will be happy to write to everyone.

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    Laura Grow-Nyberg

    Hi, I’m Laura.I’ve tried LetterMo once or twice but never “won”, and I don’t think my odds are great this year since I have a toddler! I’m a stay-at-home mom, and most days naptime is the only time I’m even remotely productive.

    I’ve always loved the idea of keeping written correspondence alive, but I also have always had the bad habit of writing novella-length letters, then feeling the need to re-copy them because my handwriting sucks, then realizing by the time I’m done that they’re so outdated there’s no point in sending them! (sigh)

    So hopefully, this February I can go through my backdated correspondence and fire off some nice one-pagers.

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    Hi all,
    I’m Narcisz from Budapest Hungary.
    I’ve been participating in LetterMo a few times before, but missed the last 2 years I guess.
    I’d like to meet some new penpals. For some reason I’m not able to update my profile, so I’d like to introudce my self here.
    I’m a 28-year-old woman, married, no children.
    I love travelling, reading, stragazing, crafts & DIY, decorating.
    I love the sea.
    I work in IT service desk, but i graduated in tourism and catering.
    I love animals, especially cats and birds.
    I’m a postcrosser.

    I’d love to find some new pen-pals.

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    I am Steffi, a 31-year-old from Germany. I have just joined and it is my first time joining the LetterMo. I am getting excited about this. 😊
    Although it is my first time joining the LetterMo, I have been corresponding with some people from all over the world for years. And I am a postcrossing member, too. 😉
    I love collecting stamps and postcards, cats and other animals, movies and series, travelling and language.
    If you are interested in corresponding, please add me to your friends list. I am interested in regular or one-time correspondence, letters or postcards.

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    Elaine Mazzo

    Hello! I missed LetterMo last year but I’m happy to be back and to start writing! I am a postcrosser also.

    I’m a homemaker and empty-nester. I am also a new grandma, which is exciting!

    I like to read, write letters, study the Bible, bird watch, crafting–especially rubber stamping and making greeting cards.

    I look forward to this year’s challenge!


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    Lisa Fries

    Hi everyone!

    I’m Lisa and I’m coming back for my third [non-consecutive] LetterMo! I’m looking forward continuing my correspondence with some of my penpals from last year and to meeting some new ones.

    I’m a 34-year-old American living and working in Switzerland. On the weekends, I try to disconnect from my job and enjoy traveling around Europe (a huge plus of this location!), driving my husband crazy with visiting endless castles, and hiking and skiing in our local mountains. One of my more unusual hobbies is trying to find and visit unique Swiss festivals – my favorites generally involve monster costumes. And sometimes I just like to stay home and curl up with a book or bake. 🙂

    If you’d be interested to exchange letters this year, you can find my address in my profile, or you can leave me yours in my postable:
    I promise to try to write legibly. 🙂

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    Cassie Williams

    Hey I’m Cassie and I live in Australia. I’ve done lettermo for a few years now but never receive a lot of letters. And it they always take a long time as I’m so far from most of the world. But I do love writing, so I’m doing it again.
    I love to travel & experience new things. I love Disney, taking photos, basketball (watching) and my cats.


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    Hello! I am interested in a few things: 1) talking about poetry and sending out poems. I do NOT write poetry: I’m talking about sending you a poem by Richard Wilbur or John Keats or Philip Larkin or Faith Shearin

    2) Exchanging postcards (USA only because of cost of stamps) with random quotations from the book you happen to be reading. The “random” part is crucial because it’s a quick glimpse of a book in the art of being a book, not in the act of trying to reach for artistic or philosophical greatness

    3) Short / medium letters about miscellanea, random thoughts, oddities.

    I do not use Washi Tape or perform mail art. Sorry!

    I am old but still Prufrockian.

    "Tea cleared my head and left me with no misapprehensions".
    The Duke of Wellington

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      I’m talking about sending you a poem by Richard Wilbur or John Keats or Philip Larkin or Faith Shearin

      I love this idea @natalie
      I am currently reading “A Book of Luminous Things” and am discovering so many poems I’d love to share.

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    Kate Vinée

    I posted an introduction, but then I edited it to fix a typo and apparently managed to accidentally delete it.

    Here it is again. (If it ends up double-posting later, mods, I’m sorry!)

    • • •


    2018 is my first time participating in LetterMo, although I’ve lurked and watched from the sidelines for years now. I have some chronic health problems, and in years past I didn’t participate because I couldn’t manage the energy required for LetterMo; I’m excited to do it this year, though!

    In no particular order, here are some things:

    I like reading (like most people here, I would guess). I keep a journal and have done for years and years. I’ve recently made an attempt to take up gardening; it’s going middlingly so far, but it’s fun and satisfying and I’m keeping at it. I don’t knit a lot, but I love it. I have a ukulele (I know, they’re passé now), which I play very badly indeed but which I adore anyway. I’ve got pets—a dog and an assortment of cats, all rescues—and am likely to talk about them at least occasionally. I enjoy studying languages, albeit in a very casual way. I’m happy to make penpals of all ages, and I’m open to both ongoing and just-during-LetterMo exchanges.

    I would love to practice my Esperanto with somebody, if anyone is into that.


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    Tracy Little

    After a couple of years hiatus I’m looking to participate in this again. I really enjoyed the creativity and diversity of all the folks I wrote to.

    I’ve got all kinds of hobbies: cooking, writing, reading, knitting, wood burning, sculpting, painting, photography…

    I love British television, foreign films, comedies.

    I’m on keto right now so if anyone wants to share recipes, let me know. I suffer from chronic pain issues which has me working from home.

    I also love fountain pens and wax seals! Feel free to share what pen and ink you use.

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    Hi all! Looking forward to LetterMo 2018! I have participated the last two years. Last year I ended early because of life stress/health issues, but I’m very excited to make it the full month this year. 🙂

    I’m a fountain pen enthusiast, an avid hiker (mountaineer/state highpointer/general peak-bagging addict), an indoor rock-climber, a loose-leaf tea enthusiast, a board-game geek (well, I’m a total scifi-fantasy-videogame-tabletop RPG nerd, too), and a graduate student. I live in Las Vegas, NV, and enjoy the heck out of the amazing desert southwest. I’m at that stage in my graduate career where I need to be writing, writing, writing, so I’m planning on using LetterMo as my daily “freewriting” to get me inspired to write the stuff that will go towards graduating. 😉

    I’m looking forward to writing letters and correspondence all next month and seeing the amazing, artistic, and wonderful output this community of stationary and handwriting enthusiasts puts out. 🙂 Hello!

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