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    Laura Grow-Nyberg

    So today in the mail, my 18-month-old son got a postcard from his grandparents’ vacation to Paris. They’re back in the states and see us twice a week, and anyway, kiddo can’t write! I don’t even have any kiddy stationery so I can send a thank you on his behalf. Since it was technically sent to him, do I get a pass on responding, or should I go buy some kiddy notecards and send them a note they’ll just roll their eyes at and toss out anyway?

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    I’ve seen parents of wee ones write what their child says — usually using quotations — and send that.

    Especially effective for little ones and thank you notes.

    "Save what you love."

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    Can he draw a picture for them? Send that as a thank you!

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    Laura Grow-Nyberg

    He’s 18 months old, so if we’re lucky, we’ll get a scribble, and a typical quote would be along the lines of, “Hello, caca!”

    But I could definitely try for a scribble, sure.

    Of course, we just got a second one from them, so if I do, it’ll only be for the one!

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