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    Laura Grow-Nyberg

    Does anyone plan to reward themselves if they “win” at LetterMo? The one time I won NaNoWriMo, I rewarded myself with a NaNoWriMo tshirt, but the LetterMo store really only has stamps and postcards — great, but not what I’m looking for.

    What (small!) splurge should I make to reward myself if I “win” LetterMo?

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    A fountain pen? Bottle of ink? Special stationary? Some other coveted art- or writing-related thing?


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    Maybe you might like to buy a nice wooden box or storage container to store your stationery supplies or letters in.

    You could buy some new stationery to replace the stationery you have used up with writing all your letters. A new pen or pen set, rubber stamps to decorate letters and envelopes, a writing compendium or maybe some fancy address labels or address stamp.

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    I like this idea! Stationery-related stuff is usually my weakness (nice cards, stickers, pens, etc.) and I think the ideas above are great. If you prefer none-stationery related items, you could go with a something small and useful like a water bottle, mug, journal or book.
    One way I use to encourage myself is I draw a letter symbol on my calendar in February for every day I mailed something.

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    Gordon D

    I think that I will “reward” myself with a good old-fashioned fountain pen. Although I’m currently using gel and ballpoint pens, I have to admit…I miss the lovely scritch-scritch sound that a fountain pen makes when I write.

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