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    In the U.S. we’ve just had the President’s Day holiday which meant two whole days without the mail running. That should have given you a chance to catch up or even get ahead on your mail. At this point, you should have sent out seventeen missives.

    I found that,even though I knew the mail would not run yesterday, or the day before, that I wanted to write some letters anyway. Having the moment in my day when I sit down and focus on only one thing, is soothing. Having that point of focus be someone else, seems to help get me out of my own head and make a little space of clarity, even if I am sending only a postcard.

    So how is it going for you as we enter the final week of Month of Letters Challenge?


    Mary Robinette Kowal

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    Ruth Feiertag

    I find I tend to write and mail my letters at the last minute, often just before midnight. Fortunately, we have a mailbox just across the street. But I have problems getting my site posts through sometimes.


    Ruth Feiertag * *

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