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July 24, 2014.


July 23, 2014.

A friend bought her first fountain pen, and I came across an ink sample in the same lovely coral shade as her pen. Plus I thought it was time for her to find out about Good Paper, so I sent a mini Apica notebook (maybe for use as an ink log?) Also filled a couple of vials with my favorite inks, since I’ll never go through a full bottle in my lifetime!

July 23, 2014.

One Lamy Al-Star 2014 limited edition to a dear friend who will give it a good home! Plus various ink samples.

July 23, 2014.

One Sheaffer VFM fountain pen in Excessive Red for an editor friend, plus a few ink samples.

July 19, 2014. ,

Sent two letters today. One to Malaysia and one to the sates :) Hope they have a safe trip :)

July 14, 2014.

Jeweller Pandora takes fight to counterfeiters. Danish diamond jewelry company Pandora has lined up a Thomas Sabo Canada online rolling around in its long-running war against criminals who illegally backup its products.A constabulary operation in Dorset in britain discovered three people promoting counterfeit Pandora beads by using a a few different online marketplace accounts.An investigation revealed the 3 individuals had made all around f47,000 selling drops, claimed to be genuine Pandora things that been in fact been sourced via China. The Danish business produces every one of its charm bracelet goods from facilities in Thailand. Every time, fines of a few hundred pounds and also a victim surcharge penalty have been levied on those priced.

Even though the penalties were thomas sabo sale small-scale, the judgement is a vital symbolic victory for The planet pandora mainly because it strives to guard its customers from affect-off products.In most respects, Pandora has turned into a victim of the own success. Functioning because early 1980s it listed in your local stock exchange in 2010 on the back of healthy revenue growth. Auto downturn had a virtually immediate impact on the business though with sales stalling as purchaser spending power dipped, developing a fertile environment for counterfeiting.Since 2012, Pandora’s revenues have rocketed on the back of an major brand awareness advertising campaign, new product launches and a push into new geographical markets and, with escalating brand visibility, counterfeiting can be showing no sign connected with abating.

To combat counterfeiting, the company relies on a compilation of thomas sabo sale characteristics to help you customers identify genuine Pandora products. By way of example, Pandora charms and accessories are stamped while using initials “ALE” after Algot Enevoldsen, the daddy of the company’s founder, Per Enevoldsen. However many imitators can range from the ALE mark so it will be not just a reliable indicator of counterfeiting. Other indicators add the gold (S925) and gold (G585 or G750) tattoos.Pandora pieces are homemade therefore will have crisp lines from the details along with the sculpts will be expertly shaped and comfortably-polished while counterfeit pieces might be ‘flat’ or feel ‘delicate’ compared. Needless to say, your quality of the piece can be quite tough to determine if it really is being bought online and so Pandora recommends purchasing but from an authorised provider.

July 14, 2014.

Former Nike employees, Fl shoe collector indicted throughout alleged sneaker theft, resell scheme.Two former new balance toronto store plus a Florida shoe collector are already indicted on federal charges after authorities say that they worked together for many years to steal and then sell many limited-edition company athletic shoes.A federal grand panel indicted Jason M. Keating, Kyle K. Yamaguchi and Tung Double-u. Ho Wednesday on prices of conspiracy to move, receive and then sell stolen goods, court records show. Ho also people counts of wire humbug, Yamaguchi is additionally charged with interstate transportation of stolen goods and Keating confronts one more receipt of stolen items charge.

The federal charges come after Nike sued Ho, Yamaguchi, Keating, Yamaguchi’s spouse and another ex-personnel in new balance toronto to get better losses in the unsanctioned sneaker sales. Keating was arrested sooner that month on the control of receipt of stolen dimension regarding the this case.Keating, 35, of Fort up Myers, Fla., is timetabled for any July 19 appearance inwards U.S. District Courtroom in Portland, court public records show. They are the only real person who have been arrested in this case.
Nike alleges in its lawsuit the three men were associated with a scheme that worked out from 2006 to 2014 through which Yamaguchi and Ho logical promotional and sample sneakers from Nike factories by themselves, then later sold sneakers to Keating, who then resold the footwear.Keating is accused of selling the sneakers to help small enterprises in Oregon, California, Florida, New York and Nj-new jersey.

Yamaguchi and Ho decided come together to trade the rare new balance shoes online tennis shoes in 2012, according to a federal indictment filled out Wednesday. Between September 2012 and March 2014, Keating paid Yamaguchi nearly $680,500 in excess of 630 pairs of apparently stolen Nike shoes, the indictment said.Promotional in addition to sample products include things like items usually designed for an athlete, team, celebrity or other influential people and in some cases never become retail products. Federal investigators say case-by-case pairs of the rare Nike sneakers could possibly be sold for prices including $1,000 to more(a) $20,000 among running shoe collectors.Yamaguchi worked as a promotional product manager intended for Nike’s basketball division betwixt 2006 and 2012, and then Ho replaced him as soon as he resigned through the company. Nike fired Ho in March in association with the alleged sneaker thefts.Both the were part of a fixed group of employees capable to directly order promotional and also sample footwear from sanctioned Nike manufacturing facilities throughout China, the indictment claimed.

July 14, 2014.

Getting the Wolf Grey Jordans III at Nike Computer memory. It’s been quite a long time coming, but the Wolf Grey Jordans III is Nike Free Run 2 uk on the verge of release on July 19.According to the good folks at Nike, the launch will probably be at 8 a.michael. EST on it Saturday morning, so make sure you have that “Checkout” finger ready (or maybe your bots) otherwise it’s gunna be described as a Sadderday. Colour scheme on the shoe is but one even your pet could love, using only greyscale in a number of textures. From tumbled natural leather on the upper, smooth leather around the mudguard, to elephant produce across the toe, heel, and eyestays, these IIIs don’t make it hard. The Wolf Grey IIIs have inspired the actual ‘beasts to be released in packs, so far better lock down your twos early.

Pairs? Plural? Yep. Nike is releasing the actual shoe inside whole selection of nike air max uk sale , from Men’s ($170), through Elementary school ($120) and Pre Institution, into Toddler . It’s a shoe for your wolfpack, a great idea is ready to fight with the scraps at 8:05am.Though we do not have a hard release date with the first Nike LeBron 12s, Lebron isn’t on your own who may have early pairs. Wale popularized Instagram yesterday evening to flex on everyone wearing a pair of the brand new, minty fresh kicks. (Often that, or he’s flexing with all the full compilation of Seinfeld on DVD.)As well as the PRuffs image we had yesterday, Foot Patrol placed a relevant video that showed off of the the patent that Nike holds for the Air Huarache Light, although didn’t give us much clues about what are the shoe may be like. That describes literally every thing we know about the shoe. We’ll show you when there’s details.

We’ve already gotten an incredibly good look at The Twelve in all of the it’s single nike air max uk sale , visual printed, orange contrasted, fictile stabilized glory. Until a new release date, reportedly time in October, we’ll have to scour the ‘Gram as well as live vicariously through a popular Nike seeded celebrities. Both that or we could ask Wale if he can spare some.
Rrt had been just yesterday that people learned Foot Patrol will almost certainly release a Air Huarache Light. However, today, we have new information. Foot Police latched onto its Instagram to demonstrate off how limited these sneakers might be. If tags are accurate, there will probably only be 500 pairs of these kicks, and every is going to be numbered separately. It should be also noted, that although image doesn’t prove much, it will show a perforated leather-based sockliner. That’s very luxe.

July 14, 2014.

Mike Trout Debuts The New Nike Shoe. Nike will be the world’s leader in select athletic nike free run norge when they debuted their baseball cleat made tailored for Angels CF Mike Bass, they made certain to invite our planet’s leading Angels fan internet site, Halos Heaven, to pay for the wedding.The shoe is called the Lunar Vapor. Among its designers laughed and said it’s 50% engineering and fifty% aesthetics. It’s an awesome thing, visually to be able to behold and just by Trout’s superb play inside the field over the weekend after it was released, it truly is engineered to win. That seems like a futuristic shoe.This Lunar Vapor shoe could be the first that Nike has created for the baseball player in nearly two decades. Ken Griffey Jr. and from now on Mike Trout have their particular signature take on The Swoosh. The Lunar Vapor took nearly couple of years to develop, fabricate and produce – but this just goes to show that Nike was before curve in realizing the main star that Trout might become. The sole two different people who called Trout’s superstardom sooner than Nike were Ryan Ghan (proof link) in addition to Eddie Bane.Using the Lunar Vapors inside foreground, L-R ar Nike Shoe Designer Matte Pauk, Mike Trout along with Fox’s Chris Myers, ohio and blast21dave unwittingly photo-bombing in the back there.

We got a wall of Nike baseball nike free run utilised on the year together with memorabilia posters from preceding Nike baseball spokesmen, which include Pedro Guerrero and Daryl Strawberry. A Griffey signature cleat seemed to be there too. There we were then ushered right into a theatrical setting when a couple of Lunar Vapors sat with a pedestal, almost sculptural. Nike had Fox announcer Chris Myers emcee the presentation on the shoe and spoke while using the shoe’s designer Matthew Pauk and Nike’s director for cleats, Cameron Shick raved about dealing with Mike, who exclaimed the basic outline of what he / she wanted in a very shoe: “Basically look good, I play good, hence help it become hot.”After a discussion of designing and also building the shoe with the increased exposure of comfort and speed, Bass was introduced. He wore a Nike Baseball logo cover using its distinctive angular “B” which is the closest anyone opportunity arrive at traversing to a letter below A about his headware. Our Are generally Superstar of Anaheim has been genuinely humbled with a signature line of shoes in reference to his name with them. And yet, he exuded confidence. Broken and confident would be the opposite of the cocky braggadocio which includes arrive at define superstar players.

To consider Trout in person I realized just how insecure and nike free run dame norge those people ultra-tough jocks tend to be. Trout’s grounded nature means that his confidence will not get cocky. Just like a young Elvis Presley he might already be the King, but he matter-of-factly is going about being King mainly because it comes quite naturally for you to him.Following your press-crush, media customers were invited to take a short bus ride to California State Fullerton’s ball field where Dan Richter, Microphone Trout’s fitness instructor since he worked pertaining to Milville High School’s hockey team, put us by way of a workout. I attempted to get away from the complete “exercise” thing but Nike had other programs. I had been hardly dressed for your occasion, and blast21dave had been dressed such as a college math professor and so we had arrived going to beg off when Nike directed you on the dugout where our nameplates held caps in addition to gear in a swag bag.

July 13, 2014. , , ,

Sent one letter to a friend and a birthday package to my boyfriends sister. :D