Talk about delayed gratification! I discovered LetterMo on March 1 last year, and I have waited a long time to begin. Last night I was checking the forum thinking how amazing that the month of papery fun had already begun for the Aussies, Kiwis and other “southerners” yet it was still January here. So today I headed out to my post office, the one where my P.O. box is located. Just as I parked who should pull in beside me but the pastor of the church I just left. Awkward. What could I say — It wasn’t you, it was me? Okay, I’m just kidding about that but I was prepared for this first LetterMo mailing to be all about rainbows and kittens — not an uncomfortable social encounter. So I left and drove around a few blocks. When I returned he was still sitting there in his car. Rinse and repeat. So I went to the other post office in our town, the one that I never go to because my box is elsewhere. So, see, I backed into “sent from a new mailbox.”

Today I sent a letter to Deborah in Florida, two letters to Stephanie in Georgia, words of encouragement to Shelia’s sister, and an Arizona postcard to the kindergarten class in North Dakota.

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