I have a small drawer on my desk. It’s filled with the most important, meaningless things; a pencil sharpener my mom used for make-up, probably before I was born–it fits two sizes of pencils and I’ve used it my whole life; a small tin tray and all the beads I’m currently using and not using in an array or earring, necklace, and doo-dad projects; several keychains from my childhood collection; a long list of contemporary nonsense and travel-related tickets; and post-cards.

I have, at this point, what amounts to a small collection from across the country and decades. I pulled one out and decided to write my favorite Robert Creeley poem on it, “I Know a Man.” Along with being a fave this poem is also short enough to fit on a post-card, and is as practical as it wants to be. The post-card itself is a pretty picture of a lake (see below) and on the back it indicates it’s from Ossipee Lake, NH. I have zero idea where this thing came from or how I acquired it and in that vein I didn’t really know where to send it.

I decided to send it to the Ossipee Public Library. I included this website and my twitter handle. There’s this part of me that so badly wants them to stop by and say ‘hi’, and maybe send some letters.

We’ll see.

The poem with audio: