When I checked my Postcrossing account this morning, one of my previous cards had just reached its recipient, pushing my totals up into the next category of Postcrossing awesomeness. That means that starting today, I get to increase the number of cards I can have traveling at the same time (from 36 to 37). I saw that as a good omen for the first day of LetterMo.

This afternoon I wrote and mailed three Postcrossing postcards, all of them traveling overseas to ridiculously cold places. They included a Lady & the Tramp card to Russia, a Star Wars “Millennium Falcon” card to Sweden, and a U.S. National Postal Museum card to Finland.

I’d planned to write and send some non-Postcrossing mail as well. In fact, I actually got started on a longer letter to a friend. But then I ended up taking an unexpected trip to the E.R. with a sick child, and had to postpone further LetterMo activities until tomorrow.

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