Today I sent a postcard to a fellow Postcrosser in Florida. =) He retired from the military after about 30 years of service in 1988, and then retired from working for the city of Florida for about 20 years. Because of his past service in the military, I chose to send him a postcard of Fort Campbell in Kentucky, where my older brother was stationed before and after he went to Afghanistan for a year. I hope he enjoys it! I explained about my brother’s service and thanked him for his own past service. =) The postcard cost $0.33 to send.

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  1. I mistakenly wrote that the recipient spent about 30 years in the service; he actually served about 20 years. And he worked for (I think) Fort Lauderdale for 18 years (Florida isn’t a city….). I feel silly and wish there was a way to edit these posts. >.<

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