Today I mailed a care package to one of my best friends who is teaching English in Japan as part of the JET program. We’ve been friends for over 10 years. =) I sent a whoooole bunch of candy — most of it Valentine candy, some Easter candy, and some regular candy/snacks that I thought she would enjoy. It’s interesting how different candy and snacks are from country to country; from what I understand, the Japanese think that American candy is “too sweet,” so their candy is comparably “mild” in sweetness. I also included a letter from me, a letter from my mom, some cute stationary, and a couple of Valentines I found online and printed out. The Valentines are inspired by one of her favorite sci-fi shows, Firefly. =P It’s so easy to get carried away with care packages. This one was about 3 pounds and 14 ounces (yikes!), so it cost a whopping $33.40 (USD). But that’s okay. I just like to let her know that she is being thought about, even though she is far away. <3

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