I sent a postcard (from a new sidewalk box, in East Greenbush, NY) and a card in which I practiced my dip-penmanship, and my first Austen-style letter, and a couple of cards and a package containing Art Packs of seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed Library.

http://www.seedlibrary.org/art-packs.html (I have no affiliation with them except as a customer, I promise)

The packs make wonderful little presents, and are petite enough to fit into even the smallest “legal” envelope allowed by the USPS. (As I found out today, though, if you put too many packs, or one with particularly thick seeds, into one little envelope, you exceed the maximum thickness allowed and cost yourself an extra 20 cents.) (But it’s totally worth it. Sending out little gifts promising warmth and growth, two days after I spend four hours shoveling and raking snow off the roof, made me very happy.)

One of the cards was a Valentine, but since I already received a Valentine achievement without having sent one I didn’t check that box today.

What’s the Zine extra? Did I miss an explanation?

Oh, and I sent a belated birthday card to some author/puppetmaker/puppeteer/voice actor/MoL originator or other. I would have enclosed seeds (with art!), Mary, but I don’t know if you have space to grow them.

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