On Tuesday, Feb. 12, I mailed eight items, all of them from a new mailbox I hadn’t used before. Three were Postcrossing cards; the other four were sent specifically for LetterMo.

* To Alaska, USA: a Postcrossing card shaped like a gorilla.
* To Sao Paulo, Brazil, a Postcrossing card of the Abe Lincoln statue (in honor of his birthday today at the Lincoln Memorial, here in Washington, D.C.
* To the Netherlands, a Postcrossing card I made from the box that once held a set of pans to make a cake shaped like a giant cupcake. I chose the birthday cake theme because the recipient celebrates a birthday this week.
* A LetterMo reply to Arizona, USA.
* A Route 66 postcard, as a reply to a LetterMo participant in New Hampshire, USA.
* A LetterMo reply to Tennessee, USA, with a reproduction of a Van Gogh painting.
* A LetterMo letter to a U.S. LetterMo participant I already knew from Postcrossing.
* A reply to a Valentine I sent to Texas.

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