A nice way to pass the time while the car was in the shop

I took my papers and pens and stamps and folding table, and the hours flew right by! I sent an Austen-style thank-you to the Goulet Pen Company, where I believe I’ll be spending way too much money in the near future, and a thank-you card to a friend whose gift card will enable some of that spending, and an Austen-style letter to a friend, and a letter in reply to my first MoL mail received. Everything I’ve heard about Cairefontaine paper seems to be true; the pen glides across it like a skater on ice. I did some doodling and fancy lettering on some of the letter fronts/envelopes, and have finally realized that it pays to pencil some guidelines if I don’t want them to look like I was drunk when I wrote them out. (Haven’t yet learned to let the ink dry fully before erasing, though.)

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